Public Administration

Associate Professor Craig Emmert, Interim MPA Director.

The program for the Master of Public Administration degree is designed to prepare students to assume administrative positions in government and nonprofit agencies with particular emphasis on municipal government and specialty tracks associated with it. Persons already employed in government can be prepared to assume more advanced positions. The interdisciplinary program is supervised by the Center for Public Service, with the cooperation of the Department of Political Science, the College of Business Administration, and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

Students are required to take 42 hours of graduate courses, including a specified core curriculum of 21 hours of public administration, political science, and business administration courses. All degree candidates lacking substantial prior administrative experience are placed in a government or not-for-profit internship. Students will not be allowed to graduate with less than a B grade in any core course. A core course may be retaken only once. There are no foreign language or thesis requirements. Comprehensive examinations are given during the last semester of the candidate's course work. Assistance with job placement is provided.

Specialty tracks include city management, fiscal administration, public policy analysis, border municipalities administration, and public health administration. A "general" track is offered as a service to professionals and preprofessionals interested in such other policy and administration areas as nonprofit management, environmental policy administration, and human resources administration.

Doctor of JurisprudenceMaster of Public Administration. The Center for Public Service, in association with the School of Law, offers a program which enables the student to earn both the J.D. and M.P.A. degrees in approximately four years of full-time study. Both degrees can be completed with 105 hours of public administration and law courses (plus 6 hours of internship) instead of the 129 hours plus internship required if pursued separately. Application must be made and approved by both the School of Law and the Graduate School. No student may complete the M.P.A. program in less than 12 months.

Master of Public AdministrationPreventive Medicine Residency Program. The Center for Public Service, in association with the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health of the Texas Tech University School of Medicine, offers a program combining residency training in preventive medicine with the M.P.A. degree. This program is for physicians seeking training similar to an M.P.H. degree. Inquiries and applications should be addressed to the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health, Texas Tech University School of Medicine.

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