School of Nursing

Professor Patricia S. Yoder Wise, Dean

Professors Armstrong, Cox, Jones, Masten, McConnell, Ridenour, Pollock, and Valadez; Associate Professors Ducote, Johnson, Miller, and Weiss-Kaffie; Assistant Professors Gary, O'Keefe, Reavis, and Scholler-Jaquish.

As one of the three schools within the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), the purpose of the graduate nursing program is to produce a leader who is prepared with specific functional abilities to practice with a specified patient-client population. In synthesizing this clinical and functional focus, the graduate assumes a perspective of a reintegrated nursing role. In assuming a leadership role, the graduate:

·Exhibits scientific analysis of nursing theories and therapies in providing high quality care to a defined patient-client population;

·Evaluates issues of legal and ethical accountability and demonstrates, as well as promotes, accountability in a defined clinical area;

·Creates a role that incorporates specific functional abilities with the general expectations of collaborator and facilitator of scholarly works; and

·Contributes to the advancement of the nursing profession through performance in a reintegrated role.

In order to meet these objectives the School of Nursing offers collaborative programs with Midwestern State University and the University of Texas at Tyler, allowing the Masters of Science in Nursing students at those universities to obtain the Family Nurse Practitioner certificate from TTUHSC. This is accomplished through the use of HealthNet, a two-way interactive video system, linking the campuses together. Additionally, two collaborative programs are designed to assist TTUHSC nursing students to obtain a Masters in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing with the option of an addictions focus through the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and a doctoral program in nursing through the University of Texas at San Antonio. The degrees for these programs are granted by the University of Texas Health Science Centers.

The minimum requirements for all applicants to the graduate nursing programs are the same. Each applicant must have met the following criteria before applying:

·A valid RN license in the State of Texas;

·A baccalaureate nursing degree from a nationally disciplined accredited college or university;

·Successfully completed an undergraduate statistics course;

·One year full-time experience in nursing by the time of enrollment;

·A minimum 3.0 GPA in upper division nursing course work and all graduate level course work; and

·A GRE score of 1400 on all three sections combined or a MAT score of 50.

Applicants to the collaborative programs with Midwestern State University, Texas Tech University College of Business Administration, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, the University of Texas at Tyler and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio are required to contact those schools regarding further admissions criteria. For consideration, applicants to these programs will be required to meet the minimum requirements set by both institutions.

For more information or an application and bulletin, please contact one of the following:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
School of Nursing
Student Affairs Office, 3BC100
3601 4th Street
Lubbock, TX 79430
(806) 743-2737

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
School of Nursing
Student Affairs Office
800 West 4th Street
Odessa, TX 79763
(915) 335-5150

Or visit our website at Look under schools to find the bulletin and downloadable application.

Courses in Nursing. (NURS)

5015. Application of Nursing Research (V1-3).

5060. Individual Studies (V1-6).

5140. Laboratory Methods for Nurses in Advanced Practice (1:1/2:1-1/2).

5210. Developing Nursing Education Programs (2:2:0).

5230. The Middle Manager in Nursing: A Conceptual Perspective (2:2:0).

5240. Managerial Role Development (2:0:6).

5300. Community Health I: Foundations of Community Health Nursing (3:1:6).

5301. Community Health II: Role Design and Implementation (3:1:6).

5310. Gerontics I: Foundations of Gerontic Nursing (3:1:6).

5311. Gerontics II: Role Design and Implementation (3:1:6).

5330. Theories and Therapies (3:3:0).

5340. Primary Health Care Practice I: Advanced Assessment, Pathology, and Management (3:1:6).

5341. Primary Health Care Practice II: Advanced Role Application (3:1:6).

5342. Advanced Health Assessment (3:1:6).

5343. Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurses in Advanced Practice (3:3:0).

5344. Advanced Practice Role Development: Advanced Cardiac Life Support (3:2:3).

5345. Advanced Practice Nursing: Application of Pathophysiology (3:3:0).

5370. Issues in Nursing (3:3:0).

5373. Nurses and Technology (3:3:0).

5374. Writing for Publication (3:2:1).

5390. Foundations of Nursing Research (3:3:0).

5410. Facilitating Learning (4:3:3).

6000. Master's Thesis (V1-6).

6060. Nursing Practicum (V3 or 6).

6071. Supervised Teaching (V1-3).

6220. The Nurse Manager as Leader (2:2:0).

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