Division of Educational Psychology
and Leadership

Professor Alan Koenig, Interim Chairperson.

Professors Bradley, Cluff, Ewalt, Parr, Peterson, Reavis, and Smith; Associate Professors Ahern, DeBell, Lan, Murray, Olivarez, Ponticell, Price, and Tallent-Runnels; Assistant Professors Almon, Butner, Cejda, Claudet, Davidson, Griffin-Shirley, Hartmeister, Kelley, Lanthier, Layton, Lock, Magnuson, Marbley, Maushak, and Nathanson; Visiting Professor Kottler; Adjunct Faculty: Norem.

The Division of Educational Psychology and Leadership offers course work at the undergraduate level in educational psychology and special education.

Courses in Early Childhood Education. (EDEC)

4000. Student Teaching in the Kindergarten (V1-12). Prerequisite: Attainment of admission standards to student teaching. Supervised teaching involving a period of major responsibility for instruction and learning in an early childhood classroom of an accredited school. Course graded credit (CR) or no credit (NC).

Courses in Educational Instructional Technology. (EDIT)

2318. Computing and Information Technology (3:3:0). Use of computers as productivity tools, societal and ethical implications of computers, and applications of computers and related technology in society.

3318. Applications of Technology in Elementary Education (3:3:0). Prerequisite: EDIT 2318 or pass computing competence examination. Applications of technology in elementary education.

4099. Individual Study in Educational Technology (V1-3). Prerequisite: EDIT 2318 or consent of instructor. Independent study focusing on educational technology. May involve tutorial work.

Courses in Educational Psychology. (EPSY)

3190. Special Topics in Educational Psychology (1). Study of specialized topics in educational psychology and foundations of education.

4259. Student Personnel Staff and Resident Student Development (2:2:0). Orientation to the educational processes which occur in the residence halls with emphasis on the role of the student personnel staff in resident student development.

4399. Individual Study (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Independent study of selected topics in educational psychology and the foundations of education.

Courses in Special Education. (EDSP)

3300. Exceptional Children and Youth (3:3:0). Major categories of exceptionalities; psychological, sociological, and educational implications of exceptionality. Field-based experience required.

3302. Assessment and Program Planning for Exceptional Children (3:3:0). Appraisal instruments and techniques employed by relevant disciplines in determining appropriate educational placement and programming for exceptional children. Field-based experience required.

3303. Methods for Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities (3:3:0). This course is designed to give preservice teachers a foundation in best practice in methodology for teaching basic academic skills, social skills, and content area subjects to students with mild disabilities including modifications to regular education curricula. Field-based experience required.

4304. Methods for Teaching Students with Severe Disabilities (3:3:0). Curricular adaptions and additions for students with severe and profound disabilities. Emphasis on functional communication, physical management and training for independent living and employment, stressing community integration. Field-based experience required.

4305. Behavior Management for Students with Disabilities (3:3:0). Behavioral management strategies for addressing the conduct of infants, toddlers, children, and youths with disabilities and their families in the classroom, at school, and in the home and community, Field-based experience required.

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