Freshman Seminar

"Tech Transition: The Freshman Seminar" is designed to smooth the advance of students from high school to the University. The one hour Interdisciplinary Studies course (IS 1100) is taught by regular faculty from throughout the University in a collaborative approach to major concerns of incoming students. This is the only general university course at Texas Tech; therefore sections are composed of 20-25 students from the freshman class without regard to college or major. Discussion centers on assigned texts and practical matters. Topics include the nature of a university, the purposes and values of a university education, and a wide variety of campus issues. Practical matters covered include time management, essay writing, effective note taking, choosing a major, test taking, and campus resources. The goal of this course is to help students take charge of their education by developing a profound understanding of the philosophy and scope of higher education.

Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies. (IS)

1100. Freshman Seminar (1:1:0). Introduces students to philosophy, history, and applications of higher education.

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