Department of Landscape Architecture

Professor Thomas A. Musiak, Chairperson.

Associate Professors Kavanagh and Billing; Assistant Professors Baird, Hamed, and Staley.

This department supervises the following degree programs: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture. Offices and most classroom facilities are located in the Plant Science Building and the Landscape Architecture Pavilion.

The landscape architecture program exposes the student to the basic skills and knowledge required to enter the landscape architecture profession in either the public or the private sector. This program emphasizes physical design and planning in the natural and urban environment. Landscape architecture students are urged to intern in the offices of registered landscape architects, planners, and associated professionals in the summer prior to their last year.

The department is a member of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, and the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture curriculum is accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

The department and faculty are associated with the American Society of Landscape Architects, the American Planning Association, the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, American Horticultural Therapy Association, the Landscape Institute, International Division of APA, and the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars.

The department reserves the right to retain, exhibit, and reproduce work submitted by students. Work submitted for grade is the property of the department and remains such until it is returned to the student.

The department administers a scholarship program for students with potential for high academic performance. Contact the department for information and scholarship application forms.

This department offers a minor in landscape studies for students majoring outside the department. For more information on requirements for completing a minor, refer to the "Selecting a Minor" segment in the college section of this catalog or contact the departmental chairperson.

Landscape Architecture Curriculum.

Fall Spring
*LARC 1302, Intro. to Land. Arch. 3 ENGL 1302, Adv. Coll. Rhetoric 3
ENGL 1301, Ess. Coll. Rhetoric 3 MATH 1321, Trig. 3
MATH 1320, Coll. Algebra 3 GEOL 1303, Phys. Geol. 3
*PSS 1411, Prin. Hort. 4 GEOL 1101, Phys. Geol. Lab. 1
HIST 2300, Hist. of U.S. to 1877 3 HIST 2301, Hist. of U.S. since 1877 3
16 POLS 1301, Am. Govt. Org. 3
Fall Spring
*LARC 3406, Graphics Comm. I 4 *LARC 2401, Land. Arch. I 4
*LARC 3302, Develop. of Land. Arch. 3 *LARC 3304, L.A. Design Impl. I 3
*CTEC 2301 Surv. & Surveys or *LARC, 3407, Graphics Comm. II 4
*AGSM 2302, Ag. Surv. & Conserv. 3 *COMS 3308, Bus. and Prof. Comm. 3
POLS 2302, AM. Govt. Pol. 3 14
Fall Spring
*LARC 2402, Land. Arch. II 4 *LARC 3401, Land. Arch. III 4
*LARC 3404, L.A. Design Imp. II 4 *LARC 4404, L.A. Design Impl. III 4
*LARC 4308, Comp-aided Des in LA 3 *RWFM 4314, Watershed Planning. 3
*RWFM 2302, Ecol. and Conserv. 3 *PSS 2314, Woody Plant Mtls. 3
14 **LARC 4000, Internship
Fall Spring
*LARC 4406, Collab. Studio 4 *LARC 4401, Land. Arch. V 4
*PSS 2330, Urban Soils 3 *LARC 3403, Planting Design 4
*PSS 4313, Arboriculture 3 *LARC 4302, Env. Planning 3
ENGL 2309, Technical Writing 3 *LARC 4309, Adv. CAD in LA 3
Directed elective 5 Social Science elective 3
18 **LARC 4000, Internship
Fall Spring
*LARC 4402, Land. Arch. VI 4 *LARC 4405, Land. Arch. VII 4
*LARC 4311, Prof. Practice 3 *LARC 4100, Seminar 1
*LARC 4303, Env. Mgmt. 3 AAEC 2305, Fund of Ag. Eco.
RWFM 4403, Aerial Photo. Interp. 4 or ECO 2305, Economics 3
14 Directed electives 6

Minimum hours required for graduation150. (Students will fulfill the University Multicultural Requirement by completing LARC 3302.)

*Must be passed with a minimum grade of C for acceptance as a prerequisite course and for graduation and must not be taken pass-fail.

**Strongly recommended. To be arranged in spring, executed in summer, graded in fall.

Directed electives are subject to approval of the academic advisor and department chairperson.

Courses in Landscape Architecture. (LARC)

1101. Contemporary Issues (1:1:0). A seminar that focuses on landscape design as influenced by the contemporary diversity of the profession of landscape architecture.

1302. Introduction to Landscape Architecture (3:3:0). An introduction to the profession of landscape architecture which covers its scope, historical perspectives, and some of its contemporary practitioners and their contributions.

2401. Landscape Architecture I (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 1302 and 3302 or consent of instructor. A basic course in landscape architecture incorporating the elements and principles of design in three dimensions. Project management skills. S.

2402. Landscape Architecture II (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 2401. A continuation of LARC 2401 with additional emphasis on site inventory, analysis, programming, and their relationship to the design process. Collaboration. F.

3302. Development of Landscape Architecture (3:3:0). History of landscape architecture. Design as expression of culture and society's relationship to nature. Geographical, historical, and cultural context of major movements in landscape architecture. F. (Writing Intensive)

3304. Landscape Architecture Design Implementation I (3:2:4). Prerequisite: MATH 1320. Introduction to implementation with emphasis on principles of site layout, grading and drainage, earthwork computations, and implementation drawing techniques. S.

3401. Landscape Architecture III (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 2402. Regional landscape planning based on natural and cultural resource factors.

3402. Landscape Architecture IV (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 3401. Site planning and design as they apply to projects of various scale, scope, and resolution.

3403. Planting Design (4:1:6). Prerequisite: PSS 2314, 4313, RWFM 2302, LARC 3401. Selection and arrangement of plant materials for landscape architectural developments for aesthetic and other functional purposes. Implementation drawings. S.

3404. Landscape Architecture Design Implementation II (4:2:4). Prerequisite: LARC 3304. Introduction of landscape architecture construction systems, materials, irrigation, retaining walls, lighting, structures, joining of materials, and implementation drawings. F.

3406. Graphic Communication I (4:1:6). Skills and techniques of freehand drawing. Various media and subjects. Develops understanding of relative, one-point, two-point perspective; shading, shadow, form, line, texture; elements of composition. F.

3407. Graphic Communication II (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 3406. Continuation of LARC 3406. Emphasis on three-dimensional representation and color work. Develops knowledge of skills for effective graphic expression of design thought. S.

4000. Internship (V1-6). Minimum 8 weeks and prior departmental approval.

4001. Landscape Architecture Problems (V1-4). An investigation of a problem in the profession of special interest to the student. Open to all advanced students.

4100. Seminar (1:1:0). Prerequisite: Senior standing. Assigned readings, informal discussions, and oral reports and papers. S. (Writing Intensive)

4302. Environmental Planning for Sustainable Development (3:3:0). An introduction to environmental planning issues with emphasis on the integration of related disciplines to attain environmentally and socially sustainable development.

4303. Environmental Management for Sustainable Development (3:3:0). Land management principles, procedures, and tools. An investigation of land planning and analysis, environmental law, strategic management, resource economics, and public policy to achieve environmentally and socially sustainable development.

4308. Computer-Aided Design in Landscape Architecture (3:1:4). Prerequisite: LARC 3406. Hands-on introduction to current computer-aided design technology that is currently most applicable to the needs of the profession of landscape architecture. F.

4309. Advanced Computer-Aided Design in Landscape Architecture (3:1:4). Prerequisite: LARC 4308 and third-year standing in landscape architecture. Exploration of contemporary applications of CAD in the profession of landscape architecture. S.

4311. Professional Practice (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Fifth-year standing. Methods, procedures, and ethics of professional practice of landscape architecture. F.

4401. Landscape Architecture V (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 3402 and 3403. Landscape architecture planning and design in the urban setting. S.

4402. Landscape Architecture VI (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 4401 and 4309. Landscape architectural projects of an advanced and complex nature. F.

4404. Landscape Architecture Design Implementation III (4:2:4). Prerequisite: LARC 3404 and PSS 2231. Complex grading and drainage, drainage structures, horizontal and vertical circulation alignment in large scale site development. S.

4405. Landscape Architecture VII (4:1:6). Prerequisite: LARC 4402 and faculty approval of project. Supervised individual design demonstration project representing comprehensive synthesis of learned knowledge and skills evolving from the study of landscape architecture. S. (Writing Intensive)

4406. Collaboration Studio (4:1:6). An interdisciplinary studio for the design professions which address the process and skills necessary for collaboration as well as team-developed products.

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