Multicultural Requirement

As an all-university requirement, every student must include at least one 3-hour multicultural course or equivalent that focuses explicitly on the distinctive subcultures of the U.S. or on the culture of another society. Completion of a registered "study abroad" course can also fulfill the requirement. Many courses fulfill a Core Curriculum requirement and at the same time satisfy the multicultural emphasis. Students should check with an advisor for appropriate courses.

The following courses satisfy the University's multicultural requirement:

Texas Common Course Numbering System
AGED 2300Introduction to Agricultural Sciences Development
ANTH 1301Understanding Multicultural AmericaANTH 2351
ANTH 2302Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3325Anthropological Folklore
ANTH 3331Indians of North American
ANTH 3332Peoples of Latin America
ANTH 3346Ancient Civilizations of Middle and South America
ANTH 4372Society and Culture of Mexico
ARCH 2311History of Ancient and Medieval Architecture
ARCH 2312History of Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
ARCH 3311History of 19th and 20th Century Architecture
ARCH 4311Architecture in Nonwestern Societies
ART 1309Art AppreciationARTS 1301
ART 1310Art History Survey IARTS 1303
ART 1311Art History Survey IIARTS 1304
ART 3310Greek and Roman Art
ART 3311Native American Arts
ART 3315Ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian Art
ART 3317Baroque Art
ART 3318The Art of the Renaissance
ART 4315The Arts of Pre-Columbian America
CLAS 1330Sports and Public Spectacles in the Ancient World
CLAS 3320The World of Greece
CLAS 3330The World of Rome
CLAS 3350Comparative Mythology
C LT 2301The Epic in the Western Tradition
C LT 3334Literatures and Cultures of Africa, Asia, or Latin America
C LT 4305Contemporary Theories of Cultural Meaning
COMS 3332Intercultural Communication
COMS 3311Rhetoric in Western Thought
EDEL 2300Schools, Society, and Diversity
EDSE 2300Schools, Society, and Diversity
ENGL 3322Literature of American Minorities
ENGL 4335Comparative Literature
ENGL 4337Modern Continental Literature
ESS 3308Sport in World Cultures
FADS 4303History and Philosophy of Dress
FIN 4328International Finance
F&N 4380Cultural Aspects of Food
GEOG 2310Geography of World Trade
GEOG 2351Regional Geography of the WorldGEOG 1303
GEOG 3358Geography of Asia's Pacific Rim
GEOG 3359Geography of the Middle East
GEOG 3360Technology and the Human Landscape
GEOG 3363Geography of South America
GEOG 3364Geography of Middle America
HDFS 3350Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective
HIST 2321Studies in World HistoryHIST 2321
HIST 3311Social and Cultural History of the Southwest
HIST 3312Spanish-Speaking Peoples in the United States:
A Chronological Survey of Mexican Americans,
Cuban Americans, and Puerto Ricans
HIST 3318The Plains Indians
HIST 3324History of African Americans in the United States
HIST 3325History of Mexican Americans in the United States
HIST 3326History of Native Americans in the United States
HIST 3381Colonial Latin America
HIST 3382Modern Latin America
HIST 3384History of Brazil
HIST 3389The British Empire, 1783 to Present
HIST 3390The History of Exploration
HIST 3392Modern China
HIST 3395Africa: Empires and Civilizations
HIST 3396Africa: Revolution and Nationalism Since 1800
HIST 3398The Modern Middle East, 1800 to the Present
HIST 4327Gender, Race, and Class in United States Law
HIST 4381Colonial Mexico and the Spanish Borderlands
HIST 4383Mexico Since Independence
HIST 4391Modern South Africa
HIST 4394Modern Japan
HIST 4395Modern Vietnam
I D 3382Period Furnishings I
LAIS 2300Latin America and Iberia: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
LAIS 4300Seminar in Latin American and Iberian Studies
LARC 3302Development of Landscape Architecture
MER 3340International Merchandising
MGT 4375 International Management
MKT 4358International Marketing
MUHL 1301Introduction to Music LiteratureMUSI 1308
MUHL 1302Introduction to Music LiteratureMUSI 1309
MUHL 2301History of Music
MUHL 2302History of Music
PHIL 3301Classical Greek Philosophy
PHIL 3302Asian Philosophy
POLS 3330Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
POLS 3361International Politics
POLS 3364Comparative Foreign Policy
POLS 3370Politics of the Developing Areas
POLS 3371Comparative Politics
POLS 3372Government of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States
POLS 3373Government of Western Europe
POLS 3374Government of Mexico and the Caribbean
POLS 3375South American Governments
POLS 3376Asian Governments and Politics
POLS 3378Middle Eastern Governments and Politics
POLS 3379British Government
RHIM 3350Travel and Tourism
RUSN 2303An Introduction to Russian Language and Area Studies
RUSN 4311The Land, Peoples, and Cultures of the Soviet Union
SOC 3324American Minority Problems
SOC 3348Sociology of China and Japan
SPAN 3301Hispanic Life and Culture
SPAN 3329Mexican Life and Culture
SPAN 4329Contemporary Mexico
SPAN 4332Civilización Hispánica: Hispanic Civilization
SPAN 4360Hispanic Literature of the Southwest
SPAN 4390Internship in Spanish
SPAN 4391Spanish for the Southwest
TH A 2310Avant-Garde Theater
TH A 3308History of Theatre I
TH A 3309History of Theatre II
TH A 3310Introduction to Performance Studies

The combination of the following courses satisfies the multicultural requirement for majors in the College of Business Administration:

ACCT 2301Managerial Accounting ACCT 2302
B A 1301Business Enterprise
FIN 3320Corporation Finance I
ISQS 3344Introduction to Production and Operations Management
MGT 3370Organization and Management
MGT 4380Strategic Management
MKT 3350Introduction to Marketing

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