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Every law school has a unique character determined by many factors, such as the quality and diversity of its faculty, the size of the school, the relationship of students and faculty, and the attitude of the administration, staff, and faculty toward students.

Texas Tech has a faculty of 26 full-time professors as well as adjunct professors with expertise in various areas of practice. The faculty reflects a broad spectrum of legal philosophy and a wide geographical background. Over two-thirds of the faculty have authored books or book chapters, three faculty are elected members of the prestigious American Law Institute, and one faculty member serves by appointment of the Governor as a Texas representative to the National Conference of Uniform Laws. Quality of teaching is stressed, as evidenced by the positive comments of attorneys who have hired our graduates. Our curriculum is composed of courses designed to provide a student with a strong foundation in law appropriate to practice in any jurisdiction. Students can also choose elective courses which emphasize practice and procedure in the state of Texas.

A special quality of the Law Schoolits smaller sizeprovides an atmosphere of informality and accessibility that is possible with a 23:1 student-faculty ratio. Smaller classes allow for more communication between faculty and students, and the faculty "open-door" policy permits a student to visit with instructors as needed beyond classroom hours.

We are dedicated to encouraging students to develop their potential, and this attitude is reflected in the support provided by members of the faculty and staff. We also like to think that the Texas Tech Law School is uniquely successful in nurturing student development. Our renovated Law Library provides Texas Tech Law students with unparalleled support. Each student carrel, which is in reality a small office, has a locked door, individually lockable bookcases, and a computer terminal to be shared by two students. We believe these are the finest facilities of their kind available today. Of course our students do not spend time only in the library. Over the past ten years students from the Texas Tech School of Law have won National Championships in mock trial, moot court, negotiating, and client counseling competitions.

We hope this material will answer your questions concerning the procedure for applying for admission and also the process used by the Admissions Office to review your application. If after reading these materials you have questions concerning the school or the admission process, please call our Admissions Office.

We are pleased that you are interested in seeking admission here.

W. Frank Newton


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