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Andrew Vernooy

Andrew Vernooy, M.Des.S.


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Degree and Certificate Programs

The College of Architecture offers programs leading to the following degrees and certificates:

        The College of Architecture offers programs leading to the following degrees and certificates:

        • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
        • Master of Architecture (professional degree)
        • Master of Science in Architecture (post-professional degree)
        • Doctor of Philosophy in Land-Use Planning, Management, and Design
        • Graduate Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication
        • Graduate Certificate in Health Care Facilities Design
        • Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation
        • Graduate Certificate in Urban and Community Design Studies

Dual Degree Programs

        • Bachelor of Science in Architecture/Bachelor of Business Administration (General Business)
        • Bachelor of Science in Architecture/Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
        • Master of Architecture/Master of Business Administration

About the College

Architecture bridges the sciences with the arts. Students who succeed in architecture are balanced individuals who can manage the rigor of the rational and the ambiguity of the intuitive. In addition to the degree program in architecture, the College of Architecture offers dual programs with the Whitacre College of Engineering and the Rawls College of Business. Students can pursue career paths in design, construction, real estate development, and construction product development and sales. The general architecture curriculum also provides an excellent portal into the university with coursework that is specific not only to the field but also fulfills the core curriculum of the university. Students who elect to study other disciplines after the first year of the architecture curriculum have a solid academic base.

Mission Statement. The College of Architecture educates students for future design practice and advances knowledge of the discipline for the benefit of society.

Admission. The undergraduate architecture program has two components: general architecture and preprofessional architecture. Admission to the general architecture program is open to all students admitted into the university. Admission into the preprofessional program in the second-year is competitive and based on a comprehensive review of the student’s portfolio, essay, statement
of intent, and grade point average.

Requirements for Licensure as an Architect. Becoming a licensed architect is a three-step process. Students must receive an accredited degree in architecture that has been approved by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) (, successfully complete an internship with a licensed architect(s), and pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) ( The accredited program at Texas Tech University includes three components: general architecture, preprofessional, and professional. The general and preprofessional programs are undergraduate programs, while the accredited professional degree is the Master of Architecture.

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Horn Professor: Watkins
Professors: Aranha, Flueckiger, Haq, Louden, Neiman, Perbellini, Pongratz, Vernooy,
J.E. White, J.P. White
Associate Professors: Buelinckx, Davis, Driskill, Ellis, Gonzalez, Hill, Jaddo, Park, Perl, Shacklette, Smith, Taylor, Torres-McDonald, Zugay
Assistant Professors: Nesbit, Raab
Instructors: Barajas, Bergloff, Brown, Campbell, Chamy, Chinn, Clegg, Dalbin, Dixon, Fairbetter, Glassell, Gomez, Gonzales, Hoogeboom, Lievanos, Martin, McDonald, McReynolds, Quesada, Rivas, Robinson, Sinkewich, Svarzbein, Velazques, Wade, D. White, Wilson, Wright
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