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About the School

The School of Accounting supervises the following degree programs:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Master of Science in Accounting

Dual Degree Program

  • Master of Science in Accounting / Doctor of Jurisprudence


Undergraduate Program

The primary objective of the undergraduate accounting program is to prepare students for accounting positions at the entry level in industry, government, and other organizations in the public and private sectors. A major in accounting is also excellent preparation for law school or graduate school. A 2.75 Texas Tech GPA and an A or B in ACCT 2300 and 2301 are required to declare accounting as a major.

Students should be aware that the undergraduate degree in accounting will not prepare them to sit for the CPA examination. The requirements to take the CPA examination in Texas include a bachelor's degree, 30 hours of accounting beyond introductory courses, a minimum of 150 total hours, and a 3-hour approved course in ethics. The B.B.A. in accounting includes 18 hours of accounting beyond introductory. Accounting majors must also take ACCT 3101 during the fall of their junior year, prior to taking ACCT 3305. Students who plan to take the CPA exam are encouraged to apply to the 150-hour M.S.A. program.

Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's Program. The 150-hour program is designed to allow students to complete both the B.B.A. and M.S.A. degrees in five years. To meet this goal, students must have completed 102 hours toward the B.B.A. prior to beginning the fall semester of the fourth year. Students meeting that standard will then typically schedule the fourth year as follows:


Fall                                              Spring
Undergraduate Courses, 6 hours     Internship, 3 hours
Graduate Courses, 6 hours             Graduate Courses, 3-6 hours

Note: Remaining undergraduate courses will be integrated into the schedule during the fifth year. Students will work with their graduate faculty accounting advisor to determine their fifth year schedule.


Lower-Division Curriculum for All Majors in the Rawls College of Business
Upper-Division Curriculum for Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Course Descriptions

Accounting (ACCT)



Alphabetical listing of all TTU faculty and their academic credentials.


Robert Ricketts, Ph.D., Chairperson

Professors: Clancy, D. Collins, Mann, Pasewark, Ricketts, Viator
Associate Professors: Fleischman, Masselli, Oler, Sanchez, Wu
Assistant Professors: Chi, Cook, Buslepp, Hart, Romi
Associate Professor of Practice: A. Collins, Mohaptra (visiting)
Instructors: Allen, Bigbee, Kelley, Lynn, Pantoya

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