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CONTACT INFORMATION: W326 Business Administration, Box 42101, Lubbock, TX 79409-2101

About the Area

The Area of Energy, Economics, and Law supervises the following degree and certificate program:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Energy Commerce
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Energy

Undergraduate Program

The goal of the undergraduate program in energy commerce is to enhance leadership potential by providing a high-quality and thorough educational experience in preparation for a business career in the energy industry. The energy commerce curriculum reflects the current world energy mix, primarily hydrocarbons with some emphasis on alternatives and renewables. Energy commerce majors must take GEOL 1303 and 1101 to fulfill one of their lower-division laboratory science requirements. All lower-division business and university required courses must be completed prior to beginning the program.Due to sequencing of courses the energy commerce degree program will take two academic years to complete. Admission into the energy commerce major is competitive and based on a comprehensive review of the student’s application, writing sample, resume, and interview with a panel of energy industry professionals. A minimum 3.25 GPA is needed for consideration in the energy commerce program. Acceptance for the fall semester will be made no later than April 1 of the preceding spring semester. Visit for application information and deadlines.

Undergraduate Certificate in Energy

The Certificate in Energy is designed to prepare undergraduate students in all non-energy commerce BA majors for careers in the energy industry. Students will take five courses related to the energy industry and upon graduation will receive a Certificate in Energy in addition to the B.B.A. degree in their major. Students will be required to complete all lower-division business core courses and have a minimum 3.25 GPA to enroll in ENCO 3301. Limited space is available in energy commerce courses for certificate students. Acceptance in the energy certificate program is subject to approval by the energy commerce area coordinator.

Required Courses: ENCO 3301, ENCO 3350, and ENCO 3365
Elective: Choose two from ENCO 4325, 4362, 4375, 4390; ACCT 4310. (ENCO 4375 and 4390 may not both be used.)


Curriculum Tables


Course Descriptions



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Terry McInturff, J.D., Area Coordinator

Professor: Ewing
Assistant Professor: Cardella
Professor of Practice: McInturff
Associate Professors of Practice: Giberson, Schuetzeberg
Assistant Professors of Practice: Giberson, R. McInturff, Reed
Instructors: Frisbie, Kantellis, Nieto
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