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CONTACT INFORMATION: E310 Business Administration, Box 42101, Lubbock, TX 79409-210
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About the Program

The Area of Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences supervises the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Managaement Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Management Information Systems
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics*
* For information see

Undergraduate Program

The Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences area has a major field called Management Information Systems (MIS). The MIS graduate is prepared to perform as a computer programmer, information systems analyst and designer, telecommunications and networking expert, information technology project manager, or business analyst depending upon the concentration(s) chosen for study. Graduates from all concentrarions are in great demand by industries across the board. MIS majors may choose one or more of the three concentrations: web application design, telecommunications/networking, or business analysis.

ISQS Undergraduate Certificate in Management Information Systems (MIS)

The purpose of the certificate program in MIS is for BA students in non-MIS majors to expand their knowledge of information technology (IT) as applied in business and to increase understanding of everyday IT. The MIS certificate program will provide valuable IT knowledge and skills for success in today’s fast-paced and dynamic marketplace. The initial prerequisites are a grade of C or better in ISQS 2340, a 2.75 GPA, and admission to the upper- division major. The certificate will consist of four courses chosen from the following list. Any four may be chosen, but prerequisites must be met prior to enrolling in the course.

  • ISQS 3345, Object Oriented Systems. Prerequisite: ISQS 3346 with a C or better
  • ISQS 3346, Internet Programming. Prerequisite: ISQS 2340 with a C or better
  • ISQS 3348, Database MGT Systems. Prerequisite: ISQS 2340 with a C or better
  • ISQS 3349, Introduction to Data Communication Systems. Prerequisite: ISQS 2340 with a C or better
  • ISQS 3351, Telecommunications Security Using Linux. Prerequisite: ISQS 3349
  • ISQS 3358, Business Intelligence. Prerequisites: ISQS 3345 and 3348
  • ISQS 3360, Telecommunication Securities Theory. Prerequisite: ISQS 3349
  • ISQS 4361, Web Application Design. Prerequisites: ISQS 3346 and 3348
  • ISQS 4385, Strategic IT and Telecommunications Management. Prerequisites: ISQS 3351 and 3360

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Course Descriptions

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Glenn Browne, Ph.D., Area Coordinator

Horn Professors: Conover, Westfall
Professors: Browne, Burns, Cao, Jones, Wetherbe, Yadav
Associate Professors: Durrett, Lin, Song, Walden
Associate Professor of Practice: Delgadillo
Instructors: Flamm, Giddens, Lay, B. Wetherbe
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