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About the Area

The Area of Management supervises the following degree and certificate programs:


Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate management program provides high-quality preparation for a wide range of managerial careers. It provides the broadest background of any of the business disciplines for understanding and managing organizations and behavior in these systems. Students may group courses to emphasize their particular interest. General management is particularly suited for management training programs sponsored by many larger firms and entry-level positions in smaller firms. These programs serve as the first step up the management ladder. A 2.75 or higher Texas Tech GPA is required to declare management as a major. The department offers concentrations in human resources management and strategic entrepreneurship and innovation.

Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership

The Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership is designed to prepare undergraduate business majors to build and reinforce the interpersonal skills that are essential to the management role. Leadership has always been recognized as a very desirable trait in many domains and critical to advancement in the business community. Adding a foundation of leadership skills will enhance prospects and abilities in any business-focused discipline. Students will take four courses related to leadership and upon graduation will receive an Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership in addition to the B.B.A. degree. Students will be required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Take MGT 3370 and 4373; then take one of the following:

  • MGT 3376 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 4375 International Management

Also select one of the following:

  • MGT 4384 Managing Conflict and Negotiation
  • MGT 4385 Recruitment, Selection and Retention
  • MGT 4388 Change and Innovation Process
  • MGT 4397 Management and the Business Environment

Joint Business/Engineering Certificate in
Technology Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE) is to prepare students majoring in either engineering or business careers in technology-driven industries. The certificate program is designed for those students who would like to develop a cross-disciplinary perspective of technology using both engineering and business skills. The certificate requires 9 hours.

  • Required Business Foundation Course for Engineering Students:
    • BA 3302, Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 hrs.)
  • Required Engineering Foundation Course for Business Students:
    • IE 4320, Fundamentals of Systems (3 hrs.)
  • Required Courses for All Certificate Program Students:
    • MGT 4376, Entrepreneurship II: Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunity (3 hrs.)
    • IE 4331, Individual Studies in Industrial Engineering: Engineering Entrepreneurship (3 hrs.)


Lower-Division Curriculum for All Majors in the Rawls College of Business
Upper-Division Curriculum for Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
Upper-Division Curriculum for Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
  with a Concentration in Human Resources Management
Upper-Division Curriculum for Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
  with a Concentration in Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Course Descriptions

Management (MGT)



Alphabetical listing of all TTU faculty and their academic credentials.


Yitzak Fried, Ph.D., Area Coordinator

Professors: Boal, Fried, Gardner, Mitchell, Payne
Associate Professors: Brigham, Cogliser, Hansen
Assistant Professors: Davison, Karam, Sears
Professor of Practice: Hoover
Associate Professor of Practice: M. Ryan
Assistant Professor of Practice: Chambers
Instructors: Duran, Fullerton, Miller, Rogers, S. Ryan, Stevens, Stull, Westney