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General Standards and Requirements

Catalog Selection. Students will use the catalog issued for the year in which they were first officially admitted to the Rawls College of Business or a more recent catalog if approved. However, if they later transfer to another institution or another college at Texas Tech, they will use the catalog in effect when they are readmitted to the Rawls College of Business. For these purposes, a catalog expires after seven years.

Course Load. The normal course load for a semester is 15 to 19 hours. The maximum load for a semester is 19 hours (8 hours for a summer term). Distance education courses are included in a student's course load. The maximum course load for students on probation is 16 hours.

Course Prerequisites. Prerequisites are governed by the catalog in effect when the course is taken.

Grades of Incomplete. A grade of I (incomplete) must be removed at Texas Tech University within one academic year. It may not be removed by transfer credit.

Ineligible Registrations. The Rawls College of Business reserves the right to drop any ineligibly registered student from a course for reasons such as lower division/upper division rule infractions and lack of prerequisites, including required GPAs. Courses taken ineligibly are not used in the degree program.

Laptop Computers. Students should be aware that laptop computers are required. Minimum specifications are listed here.

Nondegree Students. A nondegree form must be signed in the Undergraduate Services Center before registration. The nondegree status will continue until a written request for a change has been approved by the Undergraduate Services Center. All prerequisites and academic regulations based on GPA, such as probation and suspension, apply to nondegree students. Courses taken while in the nondegree status may not be used as part of a degree program.

Pass/Fail. Only free electives are eligible for the pass/fail option.

Probation and Suspension. See the Undergraduate Academics catalog section concerning probation and suspension policies.

Mathematics Requirement. A mathematics course must be taken every semester until the requirement is fulfilled. Both MATH 1330 and 1331 must be completed with grades of C or higher before taking some of the required sophomore business courses.

Foreign Language Requirement. Any student who is admitted to the university without two years of high school credit (8th through 12th grades) in the same foreign language must complete two semesters of a single foreign language in college. The college-level foreign language courses will replace free electives in the B.B.A.

Second Undergraduate Degree. No second bachelor's degree is conferred until the candidate has completed at least 24 semester hours (exclusive of credit by exam) after admission for the second degree. Students must be approved by the Undergraduate Services Center to seek a second degree and have at least a 2.75 GPA in their first degree. A second bachelor's degree sought by a student who did not graduate from a public Texas university must include the required core curriculum.

Study Abroad. Students requesting permission to study abroad in business programs must have a minimum 2.75 Texas Tech GPA and lower-division core completed. Please check with the Center for Global Engagement for specific program requirements.

Transfer Work. Coursework taken at other institutions must be approved by a Rawls College undergraduate advisor prior to enrollment. Credit from other institutions is not calculated into the student's Texas Tech GPA.

Honors College for Business Majors. Students from all areas of the Rawls College of Business may enter the Honors College. Students with high grade point averages are encouraged to apply for admittance into this prestigious program. Honors sections are offered in several business courses.

Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree will be awarded to all students who fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Satisfactory completion of all courses and minimum hours and grades as required for each major.
  • A minimum Texas Tech 2.0 GPA.
  • Completion of the last 30 hours following admission into a declared major in the Rawls College of Business.
  • Completion of at least 40 hours of upper-division coursework.

Intent to Graduate. At least one year before the proposed graduation date, an intent to graduate must be filed with the Undergraduate Services Center. Graduation is attained by fulfilling the requirements for a B.B.A. degree using an eligible catalog edition. It is the student's responsibility to fulfill all catalog requirements.

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Admission of Transfer Students

Students planning to take their first two years of work at a junior or community college should follow the lower-division degree plan. A maximum of 72 hours can be accepted provided none of the courses are vocational, workforce education, career, or upper-division courses.

Courses that are acceptable from a four-year institution are the lower-division requirements, junior-senior level economics courses (except ECO 3323 and 4332), free electives, and the following upper-division core: FIN 3320, ISQS 3344, MGT 3370 and 3373, MKT 3350, and BLAW 3391. The last 30 hours must be taken while registered in the Rawls College of Business.

Students transferring from any institution must have at least a 3.0 GPA on a minimum of 18 hours from any college or university. Transfer credit is not used in the calculation of a student's Texas Tech grade point average. The Rawls College of Business has the authority for determining which transfer courses apply toward a B.B.A. degree program. Only free electives will be accepted as pass/fail. Official transcripts from all institutions are needed before the acceptance of transfer credit.

Students requesting permission to transfer from another college at Texas Tech must have a 3.0 TTU GPA on a minimum of 18 credit hours. A student is officially admitted to the college by a formal transfer completed by the Undergraduate Services Center. Upper-division business and economics courses will be used in the degree program if the student had a 2.75 GPA when the courses were taken and the B.B.A. lower-division business core was completed. No business administration minor course can be used in place of a major requirement unless approved at time of transfer.

The last 30 hours prior to graduation must be taken while enrolled in the Rawls College of Business.


Undergraduate Services Center

Each undergraduate student in the college is provided with an academic advisor located in the Undergraduate Services Center. Advisors have the expertise and capability to provide the necessary guidance during each student's degree program and are aided by a computerized degree audit.

Upper-division students should maintain contact with their designated major advisor in the Undergraduate Services Center concerning degree requirements along with faculty advisors for help in selecting courses to achieve career objectives.


Division of Curriculum

Lower Division. The Rawls College of Business curriculum consists of two parts: a lower division and an upper division. The lower-division requirements should be completed during the freshman and sophomore years. All students wishing to major in business are classified as pre-business majors until completion of the lower-division coursework with grades of C or higher and a minimum 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. The following table summarizes the courses schedule for lower-division students.

Upper Division. Admission to the lower-division COBA designation does not assure admission to any upper-division major in the Rawls College of Business. After attaining the minimum requirements of the lower division, students may apply to the Undergraduate Services Center for a specific major. Students can only apply for majors in effect at the time the application is made. Students must also meet the requirements in effect at the time of application. Junior- and senior-level business and economics courses may be taken upon admission to the upper division of the college. Note that the minimum GPA for any major may increase due to limited space availability. All lower-division coursework must be completed prior to enrollment in any major course. This includes lower-division business core courses and university requirements. Upper-division requirements for each major are discussed in the following sections.


Lower-Division Curriculum for All Majors


Undergraduate Dual Degrees

B.B.A. and B.S. in Architecture. This dual degree program is designed to provide a broad background for a variety of careers in business, government, architecture, and building-related industries with emphasis on developing analytical tools and skills with managerial perspectives, thereby enhancing worldwide career opportunities. See the College of Architecture section of this catalog for a full program outline. A 2.75 Texas Tech GPA is required.

B.B.A. and B.S. in Agricultural and Applied Economics. This dual program leads to two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in General Business and a Bachelor of Science with a major in Agricultural and Applied Economics. Students completing these dual degree programs will have increased understanding of business management principles, concepts, and analytical abilities as applied to agribusiness. See the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources section for a full discussion of the program. A 2.75 Texas Tech GPA is required.


Minor in General Business for Non-Business Students

The college offers one minor for non-business students. The requirements are as follows:

  • Must have a minimum 2.75 Texas Tech GPA and 12 earned hours to declare a minor.
  • All prerequisites must be met prior to taking each course.
  • A minimum grade of C is needed to complete minor requirements.
  • All junior- and senior-level business courses must be taken at Texas Tech University unless approved by minor advisor.

General Business Minor—18 hours

ECO 2302
BA 3301

BA 3302

BA 3303

BA 3304

BA 3305
Principles of Economics II
Fundamentals of Marketing
  (Prerequisite: ECO 2302, minimum 2.75 GPA)
Financial and Managerial Accounting
  (Prerequisite: minimum 2.75 GPA)
Foundations of Finance
  (Prerequisite: minimum 2.75 GPA, BA 3302;
  ME majors can substitute IE 2324)
Operations Management
  (Prerequisite: minimum 2.75 GPA)
Organization Management
  (Prerequisite: minimum 2.75 GPA)


Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in general business is strictly designed for a dual degree student. Only students whose primary major is outside of the Rawls College of Business can declare General Business as a secondary program of study. Note: This excludes students who declare General Business Construction Management concentration.

The lower-division requirements for this major should be completed during the freshman and sophomore years. Refer to the previous page for those requirements.


Lower-Division Curriculum for All Majors
Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business Upper-Division Curriculum


Course Descriptions

Business Administration (BA)
Business Communication (BCOM)
Health Organization Management (HOM)
International Business (IB)
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