Jerry S. Rawls College of Business – Division of Curriculum


Lower–Division Curriculum

The Rawls College of Business curriculum consists of two parts: a lower division and an upper division. The lower-division requirements should be completed during the freshman and sophomore years.

All students wishing to major in business are classified as pre-business majors until completion of the lower-division business core (BA 1101, ENGL 1301, 1302, MATH 1330, 1331, 2345, ACCT 2300, 2301, ISQS 2340, and ECO 2301, 2302) with grades of C or higher and a minimum 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. The following table summarizes the courses schedule for lower-division students.

Lower–Division Curriculum Table


Upper–Division Curriculum

Admission to the lower-division COBA designation does not assure admission to any upper-division major in the Rawls College of Business. After attaining the minimum requirements of the lower division, students may apply to the Undergraduate Services Center for a specific major. Junior- and senior-level business and economics courses may be taken upon admission to the upper division of the college. Note that the minimum GPA for any major may increase due to limited space availability. All lower- division coursework must be completed prior to enrollment in any major course. This includes lower-division business core courses and university requirements. Upper-division requirements for each major are discussed in the area sections.