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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is composed of 14 members. The graduate faculty elects 11 of the members, the dean appoints two, and the Faculty Senate elects one from its graduate faculty membership.
All 14 are voting members of the Graduate Council. The dean is
ex officio chairperson of the council; associate deans, the provost (or a designated representative), and others appointed by the dean are ex officio and nonvoting members of the council. The graduate student vice president of the Student Government Association also serves as an ex officio nonvoting member of the council.

Elected members other than the Faculty Senate representative serve for a three-year period and are not eligible for immediate reelection unless they have been chosen to fill an unexpired term. Members appointed by the dean serve for two years. The Faculty Senate representative serves a one-year term. By a system of rotation, some new members join the council each year, replacing those whose terms of office have expired.

The Graduate Council, assisted by the graduate faculty, is charged with the responsibility of formulating the policies of the Graduate School and the requirements for graduate degrees. The dean administers these policies.


Graduate Faculty

Members of the graduate faculty participate in all phases of the graduate program, assist in determining policy, and vote on candidates for graduate degrees. Membership is a means of recognizing the members of the faculty for scholarly activities, creativity, direction of graduate research and study, and other contributions to the graduate programs of the university and the Health Sciences Center. Except in special cases approved by the graduate dean, only graduate faculty may serve as instructors of graduate courses, conduct graduate examinations, and serve on thesis and dissertation committees.

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