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Publication of Student Work

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Research is an integral facet of graduate study, and students are encouraged to seek publication of work done in pursuit of advanced degrees. Many theses and dissertations completed at Texas Tech are eventually published. In research involving close collaboration with faculty advisors, it is appropriate in some disciplines for publications to be co-authored. In disciplines in which authorship order is not always alphabetical, the student will generally be first author in publications resulting from a thesis or dissertation. In cases of considerable revision or addition of other data, order of authorship should be subject to mutual agreement and based on the nature and extent of contribution by the parties concerned and in accordance with accepted practice in the discipline.

The faculty member may choose to use the data in pursuing publication when the student was supported in full or in part by the university or through a faculty grant to do the research involved or when the faculty member contributed to the work in a way that was substantially above and beyond that normally expected of a major advisor and the student elects not to pursue publication within a reasonable time. The faculty member must list the student as co-author according to the conventions of the discipline involved and the relative extent of contribution or additional work required.