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Dr. Sheridan
Mark A. Sheridan, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Graduate and
Postdoctoral Affairs
Dean, Graduate School
Professor of Biology

Graduate School
327G Administration Building
Box 41033
Lubbock, TX 79409-1033
T 806.742.2787
F 806.742.1746

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About the Graduate School

Graduate study is much more than a continuation of undergraduate work. It is distinguished by a spirit of inquiry and the desire to increase human knowledge. Graduate study should be contemplated, therefore, only by students who have demonstrated in their undergraduate programs unusual intellectual ability and the capacity for independent thought and investigation. For this reason, the Texas Tech University Graduate School exercises selectivity in its admission of students. Selective entrance requirements are partly for the maintenance of high standards that must characterize graduate study and partly for the benefit of students in helping them decide whether they should undertake such work.

The Graduate School of Texas Tech University recognizes its obligations to the standards mentioned above and to the citizens of Texas by requiring appropriate evidence of an applicant’s intellectual ability and reserves the right to decline to accept any applicant whose admission would not be in his or her best interest or that of the university.

Mission Statement

The Graduate School facilitates graduate education by ensuring standards of excellence; promoting diverse programs; and assisting and supporting the recruitment, retention, and graduation of quality students.


Academic Diversity

Established in 1923, Texas Tech is one of the youngest major research universities in the country. Consistent dedication to quality and research has earned numerous graduate programs at Texas Tech national and international respect. From a creative writing program to an advanced ceramics program, from a nationally recognized personal financial planning program to a semi-conductor processing program, the Texas Tech University Graduate School offers unlimited opportunity for the aspiring scholar.

The Graduate School is remarkable for its diversity, offering 101 master’s programs and 56 doctoral programs, outnumbering those available at most other multipurpose universities. In 2011-12 the university conferred 1,365 master’s degrees and 306 doctoral degrees.

The Graduate School strives to maintain flexibility through a combination of options from traditional degree programs to progressive interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary choices. The Graduate School values the student’s interests, personal research aims, and career goals. In keeping with that spirit, many outstanding facilities for interdisciplinary research are located at Texas Tech, including 56 specialized research centers and institutes. Some interdisciplinary programs are housed within specific colleges or a cluster of departments, while others are headquartered in the Graduate School. All of these programs are defined by the topic rather than by traditional disciplinary boundaries. In addition to approved student-designed options, interdisciplinary subjects include comparative literature, ethnic studies, fine arts, forensic science, linguistics, museum science, neuroscience, plant physiology, public administration, sports health, women’s studies, and many more.

Administrative Staff

Graduate School

      • Lawrence E. Schovanec, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President; Professor of Mathematics
      • Mark A. Sheridan, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean
      • Clifford B. Fedler, Ph.D., Associate Dean; Professor of Civil Engineering
      • Ralph Ferguson, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Graduate Admissions

      • Shelby Cearley, Director of Graduate and International Admissions

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