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Honors College

Michael San Francisco, Ph.D.

Office of the Dean
103 McClellan Hall
Box 41017
Lubbock, TX 79409-1017
T 806.742.1828
F 806.742.1805

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General Information:


About the College

Texas Tech University offers special programs for highly motivated and academically talented students who want to maximize their college education. The Honors College combines the personal attention and challenging instruction of a small liberal arts college with the diversity of course offerings, extra-curricular activities, and intellectual opportunities of a major research university. Honors courses are small, student-centered, and discussion-oriented. Honors seminar classes are interdisciplinary and often examine connections among related areas of study. Honors courses provide a learning experience that complements and expands on any academic major or career path. The goal is for students to see relationships among different areas of study, develop critical thinking abilities, obtain research experience, learn a foreign language, gain international exposure, and obtain communication skills that will allow them to become informed and independent thinkers and successful practitioners in whatever career path they choose.

With the exception of students who enroll in one of the two Honors majors, students accepted into the Honors College are also enrolled concurrently in the college that houses their major area of study. Enrollment in the Honors College provides a number of benefits for students. It allows them to meet and interact with other highly motivated students and offers special benefits such as early registration, housing in an Honors residence hall (on a first-come, first-served basis), extended library privileges, opportunities to expand their intellectual awareness (e.g., a weekly current events forum and a book club), and formal and informal contact with Honors College faculty members. The college also schedules a variety of special events such as speakers, recreational activities, and cultural performances. The Honors College is able to award a small number of scholarships for high achieving students as well as those qualifying on a needs basis. Partial funding also is available to support study abroad and undergraduate research.

Honors students are encouraged to engage in the greatest possible range of educational experiences during their time in the university, including (1) the Honors Undergraduate Research program, which enables and compensates students to take part in undergraduate research with faculty in many disciplines and prepares them for more advanced work at the graduate level; (2) international study, which enhances marketability and fosters personal growth and acquisition of cultural knowledge and language skills; and (3) personalized academic advisement.

Honors students who complete at least 24 hours of Honors credit (including one Honors seminar and one Capstone course in the student’s final year) graduate “In Honors Studies,” a distinction that is noted on transcripts and diplomas and receives special recognition in the graduation program. Those who also complete a senior thesis and 6 additional hours graduate with “Highest Honors.”


Degree Programs

The college offers programs leading to the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Honors Arts and Letters
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environment and the Humanities (Degree being phased out, effective August 31, 2016. No new students.)



Click here to view alphabetical listing of all TTU faculty and their academic credentials.

Although Honors courses are taught by professors in departments and colleges throughout the university, the following faculty have appointments exclusively with the Honors College or have joint appointments that include the Honors College.

Professors: Elbow, Haragan, San Francisco
Associate Professors: Bradatan, Brink, Caswell, McGinley, Tomlinson
Assistant Professor: Williams

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