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School of Medicine Early Acceptance Program School of Law Early Decision Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Honors Arts and Letters


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The Honors College encourages interdisciplinary work and presents a range of courses and programs that offer such opportunities. At the heart of the Honors College experience is a series of departmental classes taught by some of the university’s most talented professors. These courses include those fulfilling both core curriculum and specific major or minor requirements. They are generally limited to 25 students and are faster paced, more interactive, more writing intensive, and more personalized than their regular-section counterparts. The Honors program also offers a variety of seminars on special topics that explore specific subject areas in depth and with an interdisciplinary focus.


School of Medicine Early Acceptance Program

The joint Texas Tech University–Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Early Acceptance Program offers an exciting opportunity to select Honors College students by allowing them to waive the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and apply early (typically the junior year) to the School of Medicine (SOM) at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Successful applicants to the Early Admission Program are notified of their acceptance to the medical school in late January and must complete their baccalaureate degree prior to admission to the SOM.

The primary goal of this special program is to encourage Honors students to broaden their educational experiences before they enroll in their professional studies. The waiver of the MCAT allows students to include coursework or other experiences in areas such as languages, the humanities, mathematics, and business, thus enabling them to become more well-rounded professionals.

General Requirements for Application. Early acceptance is available to Honors students within any major, so long as the requirements for entry to the School of Medicine are met and the students are judged to be exceptional candidates by the SOM Admissions Committee in the circumstances under which they apply. Students who are eligible to apply must meet the following criteria:

  • Enroll officially in the Honors College.
  • Enter Texas Tech as freshmen (students classified as transfer students upon entering Texas Tech are ineligible).
  • Be legal residents of the state of Texas.
  • Have earned a composite score of at least 1300 on the SAT (verbal and math portions only) or at least 29 on the ACT upon matriculation at Texas Tech (the composite score must be earned in one test administration).
  • Submit a “checklist” form to the Honors College during their semester of application to the SOM.

For further information about this program, see
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Honors College/School of Law Early Acceptance Program

Early Decision Plan.The Honors College and the Texas Tech University School of Law cooperate in an Early Decision Plan that allows exceptional Law School applicants who are Honors College students in good standing to receive notification of their acceptance during their third year at Texas Tech. Enrollment in the School of Law does not occur until after the student receives a baccalaureate degree.

To be eligible to apply for Early Decision, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5.
  • An LSAT score that places them in the top half nationwide.
  • An SAT score of at least 1300 (verbal and math only) or an ACT of at least 29.
  • Enrollment in the Honors College, making satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate degree with a diploma designation in Honors Studies.

Students must apply during the fall semester of their third year and must take the LSAT by December of that year. Students who receive and accept an Early Decision offer must commit to enroll at the Texas Tech School of Law and may not apply to other law schools. The School of Law Admissions Committee applies the same standards and procedures for Early Decision applicants and applicants reviewed under the traditional admission process.

“3+3” Early Admission Program. Honors students in good standing who are working toward the B.A., B.S., B.F.A., B.M., or B.G.S. degree in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the College of Arts and Sciences, or the Honors College may gain early admission to the Texas Tech University School of Law by completing coursework totaling a minimum of 100 semester hours in their undergraduate college and then completing the first year of coursework at the Texas Tech School of Law. To be eligible to participate in this program, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5.
  • An LSAT score that places them in the top half nationwide.
  • An SAT score of at least 1300 or an ACT of at least 29.
  • Enrollment in the Honors College with satisfactory progress toward a Visual and Performing Arts, Arts and Sciences, or Honors College degree (B.A., B.S., B.F.A., B.M., or B.G.S.) consistent with the regulations established by the colleges.

Students must apply for the “3+3” program during the fall semester of their third year and take the LSAT by December of that year. Students who accept Early Admission must commit to enroll at the Texas Tech School of Law and may not apply to other law schools. The School of Law Admission Committee applies the same standards and procedures for “3+3” applicants as applicants reviewed under the traditional admission process.

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Bachelor of Arts in Honors Arts and Letters

The Bachelor of Arts in Honors Arts and Letters (HAL) degree is designed for capable, curious students who are pursuing a broad and challenging course of study that will prepare them for a variety of careers and a lifetime of active citizenship. Most university graduates change careers several times during their lives. Therefore, this degree emphasizes “portable skills” such as critical thinking and problem solving that equip students with career flexibility. HAL also provides knowledge and skills that qualify students for admission to graduate and professional programs such as law and medical schools. Students who seek a career in health professions can complete their science requirements while pursuing the HAL major.

The HAL major emphasizes a broad, humanistic approach to understanding our world. Students pursuing a HAL major must be admitted to the Honors College. Required courses include History of Western Civilization, Introduction to Humanities, and Honors Experience in Fine Arts. In addition, HAL students are required to complete an undergraduate thesis, and they graduate with Highest Honors. Students in HAL must complete one of the following 15-hour tracks: Pre-Law, Health and Humanities, Art and Aesthetics, American Studies, Western Civilization, and Open Track. Students in the Open Track may propose a program of study that fits their personal interests (subject to approval from the HAL advisory committee). For further information about HAL see

HAL majors are strongly encouraged to include a study abroad experience as part of their education and are required to take a foreign language through the first semester of the third year (3000 level) as preparation for study in a foreign country. Study abroad may be at one of the Texas Tech University overseas campuses or anywhere else in the world where it can be arranged. Most students will study abroad during the spring semester of their junior year, but students in the Health and Humanities track may opt to study abroad in the summer to avoid interrupting the sequence of required science courses.

Contact information: Dr. James Brink, 213 McClellan Hall,, 806.742.1828

Curriculum Table



Environment and the Humanities Minor

To earn a minor in the environment and the humanities, students must complete 18 hours of coursework chosen from the courses listed below.

Required Courses

  • EVHM 1302 (Introductory Fieldcraft)
  • EVHM 3300 (Research Methods: Writing the Natural World)
  • EVHM 3350 (Advanced Fieldcraft)
  • EVHM 4350 (Capstone Experience)

Elective Courses

  • Selected Honors “portal” seminars (as approved by EVHM faculty)
  • EVHM 2302 (The Literature of Place)
  • EVHM 3305 (Ecology)
  • EVHM 3306 (Current Readings)
  • EVHM 4300 (Senior Portfolio)

Contact: Professor Kurt Caswell,, 201A McClellan Hall, 806.742.1828,

Humanities Minor

The purpose of the humanities minor is to provide the inquiring and curious student a flexible and interdisciplinary program to explore the creative works of human beings—literary, musical, philosophical, religious, theatrical, and artistic. The minor encourages a broad-based and overarching approach to the investigation of human accomplishment that expresses visions of life and values for living which offer both delight and wisdom.

For students majoring in the sciences or professions, the interdisciplinary humanities minor offers an enriching educational experience. For students already majoring in a single discipline among the humanities, this minor provides a broader awareness of the background of ideas and arts that shape our world. The introductory humanities courses also fulfill core curriculum requirements or provide elective credit.

In the humanities 19-hour minor, the student takes two 3-hour foundation courses, HUM 2301 and 2302. Under the director’s guidance, the student chooses to focus on one of three tracks: Ancient, Medieval/Renaissance, or Modern. The student then selects one course from each of three categories within each track (Art and Architecture, Language and Culture, and History and Philosophy) as well as an additional course from a category of the student’s choice. The student’s experience culminates with com­ple­­tion of a one-hour capstone course (HUM 4100), which requires an essay that summarizes the ways in which the courses within the selected track relate. The final course of study must be approved by the director.

Contact information: Dr. Costica Bradatan, 202A McClellan Hall, 806.742.1828, costica.bradatan@ttu.eduBack to Top


Course Descriptions

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