Honors College Admission

Students must make special application to be considered for admission to the Honors College either as an entering freshman or as a continuing Texas Tech or transfer student. In general, threshold application requirements for incoming freshmen are a composite SAT score (reading and math only) of 1200 or above, a composite ACT score of 26 or better, and/or graduation in the top 10 percent of the high school class. However, the Honors College applies a portfolio approach to student admission by considering in the admission process such factors as application and entrance exam essays; student activities; and special skills, abilities, or experiences. Therefore, students whose SAT, ACT, or class standing do not meet the threshold requirement may still gain admission, just as students who surpass those requirements may not be admitted.

For continuing Texas Tech or transfer students, eligibility to apply is based on a college GPA of 3.4 or better. The college also will consider admitting students who do not meet the above criteria but offer a compelling reason why they should be part of the program. Admission is competitive and contingent upon the pool of applicants for any given year. Admission deadlines and information are posted online at www.honors.ttu.edu.

To remain in good stanging in the Honors College, a student must maintain a minimum 3.25 unadjusted GPA while at Texas Tech and demonstrate adequate progress toward completion of the Honors degree requirements. For more details, see the Honors Student Handbook.