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Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

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All students are responsible for complying with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). State regulations require proof that all students involved in higher education must be college ready in reading, writing, and mathematics. A student may demonstrate college readiness by earning passing scores on the TSI Assessment Test. Students may be exempt or designated as college ready if they have specific ACT, SAT, or TAKS test scores or have earned a baccalaureate degree ( gives other exemptions) from accredited Texas public institution of higher education or from a regionally accredited out-of-state institution.

The TSI Assessment Test is available through Academic Testing Services, 214 West Hall, 806.742.3671. Students will need to present their driver’s license or passport for identification purposes. Once tested, students must submit their test scores to the TSI Compliance Office, 116 West Hall.

Students with questions about their status with respect to the Texas Success Initiative should contact the TSI Compliance Office at 806.742.3661. Students who have tested but not obtained the minimum scores in one or more sections of the TSI Assessment Test measurements are required to obtain TSI advising through the TSI Developmental Education Office, 78 Holden Hall, 806.742.3242.


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