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3310. Principles of Advertising (3). An overview of the broad field of advertising. Acquaints students with the role of advertising in the American economy and social system and the procedures involved in planning advertising campaigns.

3312. Advertising Writing (3). Prerequisites: Sophmore standing or higher; C or better in ADV 3310; 2.5 TTU GPA. Principles and practice of writing for advertising. Includes writing for internal audiences as well as for various media to meet advertising goals to persuade and inform mass audiences. (Writing Intensive)

3318. Advertising Research and Consumer Insights (3). Prerequisites: C or better in MATH 2300 or 2345. Inspiring communication ideas with audience and market insights to connect brands and consumers through authentic, relevant experiences.

3320. Advertising and Society (3). Examines advertising's role in modern society and its relationship to the consumer in historical and contemporary contexts.

3330. Advertising Theory (3). Prerequisite: ADV 3310 or PR 3310. Examines the development and practical application of theories and models related to advertising effects, audience response, and return on investment.

3340. Internet and New Media Advertising (3). Prerequisites: ADV 3310 or PR 3310 and ADV 3312 or PR 3312. Explores Internet and new media advertising issues and techniques. Includes evaluating and creating Internet and new media-based advertising campaigns.

3350. Sports Advertising (3).  A study of advertising in the sports industry with emphasis on theoreti-cal and practical application to brand building, organizational recognition, sponsorship, and issues of controversy.

3351. Advertising Media Planning (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in ADV 3310 or PR 3310, MATH 2300 or 2345. A study of the various advertising media to provide students with a knowledge of the use of advertising media, methods of selection, and the skills and background required for media buying.

3361. Advertising Design and Layout (3). Prerequisite: C or higher. in ADV 3312. Corequisite: Non-credit lab. Covers the creative aspects of advertising design, strategy, copy, layout, typography, and production in a variety of visual media. Provides practical training for planning and executing effective print and broadcast messages. Teaches computer proficiency with software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

3390. Internship in Advertising (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in ADV 3351; 2.5 GPA; and recommendation of faculty member and internship coordinator. Minimum of 160 hours supervised employment in media or communications organization. Weekly reports, interviews, and term paper required. Must be taken pass-fail.



4000. Special Projects in Integrated Communications in Advertising (V1-3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. A hands-on experience in developing and presenting an integrated communications campaign for a business problem or opportunity. May be repeated once for credit.

4300. Individual Study in Advertising (3). Prerequisites: C or higher. in 9 hours of advertising courses and consent of instructor prior to registration. May be repeated once for credit.

4301. Special Topics in Advertising (3). Considers selected topics in advertising. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

4304. Advanced Creative Strategy (3). Prerequisite: C or higher in ADV 3361. Advanced formulation and techniques of creative strategy with emphasis on copywriting, design, and creative advertising portfolio development. May include participation in local, state, regional, and/or national advertising competitions.

4312. Advertising Campaigns (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in ADV 3351, 3361, and MCOM 3380. Integration of advertising research, message and media strategies and techniques, with special application to campaign planning and execution. Principles and applications of advertising campaign planning, preparation, and presentation taught in a problem-solving mode. (Writing Intensive)

4313. International Advertising (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in ADV 3310 or PR 3310. A study of the practices and procedures of advertising on the international market.

4330. Advertising Sales (3). Prerequisites: ADV 3310 or PR 3310 with a grade of C or higher. A study of the practices and procedures of advertising on the international market.



5326. Advertising and the Consumer (3). Survey and analysis of current behavioral science findings as related to advertising. Restricted to fully admitted graduate students with a declared degree in any program.



6315. Special Topics in Advertising (3). A rotating topics course examining theory, research, economics, ethics, performance and practice of advertising. May be repeated twice when topics vary. Restricted to fully admitted graduate students with a declared degree in any program.



7000. Research (V1-12).
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