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Agricultural Systems Management (AGSM)

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2000 Level Course

2303. Welding and Metalwork (3). Metal fabrication and repair using hand tools, power tools, and welding equipment. Includes metallurgy pertaining to welding processes and heat treating.

3000 Level Course

3304. Systems in Agricultural Mechanics (3). Prerequisite: AGSM 2303. Mathematics and physical science applications to systems in agricultural mechanics. Topics in electricity, internal combustion engine theory, land measurement, and environmental control.

4000 Level Courses

4301. Agricultural Mechanization Problems (3). Individual study of an advanced phase of agricultural mechanization. Research report required. F, S, SS.

4303. Laboratory Methods in Agricultural Systems Management (3). Prerequisite: AGSM 2303; AGSM 3304 recommended. Principles in managing secondary agricultural science laboratories. Features safe operation of power tools and equipment.

5000 Level Course

5301. Investigations in Advanced Agricultural Mechanics (3). Individual study or investigation of an advanced phase of mechanized agriculture. May be repeated for credit. F, S, SSI, SSII.