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Business Economics (BECO)

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4000 Level Courses

4310. Applied Business Economics (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in ECO 2302. Economic analysis applied to business decisions and strategy. Topics may include business valuation, pricing strategy, risk management, contracts, and organizational economics.

4366. Global Business Economics and Policy (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in ECO 2301 and 2302. Examines business interaction with economic policy in a globalized world, the impact of international trade policy on businesses, and the role international businesses play in the process of economic development.

5000 Level Courses

5310. Economic Analysis for Business (3). Prerequisite: Admission to M.B.A. program. Studies markets in which firms compete within the context of a global supply chain, including markets for good and services, financial markets, and labor. Emphasizes how the interactions of these markets affect the formulation and implementation of business strategies.

5399. Global Energy Case Analysis (3). Integrates and reviews prior course material in realistic case settings. Requires strategic assessment, communication, and use of (and balance between) quantitative and qualitative information.Back to Top