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Business Law (BLAW)

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3000 Level Courses

3391. Business Law I (3). Prerequisite: C or higher in ENGL 1301 and 1302 and a minimum cumulative 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. Nature and source of law, courts and procedure, contracts, Texas law of separate and community property.

3393. Real Estate Law (3). Rights in land, classification of estates, acquisition and creation of property rights, titles, and common conveyances. Fall only.

4000 Level Courses

4392. Business Law II (3). Prerequisite: C or higher in BLAW 3391. Second course in business law. Law of negotiable instruments, business organizations, partnership and corporation sales.

5000 Level Courses

5291. Intermediate Business Law (2). Prerequisite: BLAW 3391 or 5290. Issues relating to business organiza-tions, intellectual property, the Uniform Commercial Code for Sales, real property law, and loans (secure transactions) as time permits.

5390. Legal, Regulatory, and Ethical Environment of Business (3). Examines legal, regulatory, and ethical issues related to business activities with emphasis on changing landscape based on ever-changing technology.

5392. Advanced Business Law (3). Prerequisite: BLAW 3391 or 5290. Second course in business law.Back to Top