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3401. Plant Physiology (4). Prerequisites: CHEM 3305 and BIOL 1401 or BIOL 1403, 1404. The physiology of plants with an emphasis on relationships of structure to function in vascular plants. Includes a lab. (NRM 3401)

3404. Evolution and Classification of Plants (4). Prerequisite: BIOL 1401 or 1404. A survey of plant diversity from an evolutionary perspective, including genetic analysis, classification schemes, identification / documentation techniques, and field trips to study local flora. Includes a lab. (Writing Intensive)



4302. Field Botany (3). Prerequisite: BOT 3404 or consent of instructor. Focuses on a thorough knowledge of and familiarity with the flora of West Texas and adjacent areas through field trips, collection, and herbarium work.

4304. Plant Molecular Biology (3). Prerequisites: BIOL 1403, 1404, 3416, and 3320. Molecular analysis of plant metabolism and signaling. S, alternate years.

4409. Plant Development (4). Prerequisites: BIOL 1403 and 1404. Integration of positional, environmental, hormonal, and genetic regulation of plant development; emphasis on model species and comparisons to animals. Includes a lab. Alternate years.



5401. Advanced Plant Physiology (4). Prerequisites: Organic chemistry or biochemistry and BIOL 1403 and 1404 or equivalent. A general plant physiology course for graduate students with no previous training in plant physiology. Emphasis is placed on recent experimental advances in the field.

5404. Advanced Taxonomy of the Vascular Plants (4). A survey of the diversity of vascular plants (emphasis on angiosperms) and the methodology of their classification. Lecture emphasizes modern approaches to systematics; lab emphasizes identification and collection techniques.



6302. Advanced Field Botany (3). A field-trip and herbarium-based course that will provide students with sophistication in the identification and classification of plants in natural areas of West Texas and adjacent regions.

6304. Advanced Plant Molecular Biology (3). Prerequisites: BIOL 1403 and 1404, BIOL 3304, and 3320 or equivalent. Molecular mechanisms regulating plant metabolism. Intensive reading of current literature is required. Alternate years.

6409. Advanced Plant Development (4). Molecular and cellular analysis of plant development with emphasis on experimental approaches. Alternate years.

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