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5001. Topics in Biotechnology (V1-6). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Special areas of current interest in biotechnology. Content and credit vary by section number. May be repeated for credit.

5100. Scientific Communication (1). Different aspects of scientific communication, including presentation of scientific material, written communication skills targeted toward information organization and summary, and reading and thoughtful analysis of primary scientific literature.

5222. Bioinformatics: Methods and Applications (2). Introduces students to bioinformatics applications and methodologies, especially related to genomics and proteomics.

5311. Protein Engineering (3). Prerequisite: BTEC 5338 or consent of instructor. A protein-based course to determine the structure-function relationship of protein through protein engineering and x-ray crystallography.

5312. Gene Expression Analysis (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Introduction to nucleic acids, gene structure and function; techniques of RNA extraction, quantification and quality determination; applications of next generation sequencing for gene expression analysis.

5313. Experimental Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Mass spectrometry instrumentation and generation and interpretation of mass spectra in analysis of biomolecules. Other preparative analytical techniques, including 2D-gel and chromatographic techniques.

5333. Advanced Bioinformatics (3). Trains students in the developmental aspects of bioinformatics. Topics requiring advanced bioinformatics knowledge will be covered. Computer programming, database and web development will be integral to the completion of this course.

5338. Methods in Biotechnology (3). Prerequisites: CHEM 3310 or 3311 and CHEM 3314. Methodology for identification and manipulation of genes, for protein expression and purification, and for enzyme assays.

5340. Advanced Instrumentation Techniques in Biotechnology (3). Prerequisite: BTEC/GBTC 5338. Topics include DNA sequencing and amplification, mass spectrometry, liquid-handling robotics, automated chromatography, and protein-ligand interactions and kinetics.

5414. Advanced Plant Biotechnology (4). Prerequisite: Any genetics course. Principles of biotechnology and genetic engineering. Genetic manipulations applied to problems in plant research and agriculture. F, odd years.



6000. Master's Thesis (V1-6). (GBTC 6000)

6001. Biotechnology Internship (V1-9). Research and training in a university, private-sector, or government laboratory. Consent of program director required. For nonthesis students.

6101. Biotechnology Seminar (1). Presentation of current research topics in areas directly relevant to biotechnology. (GBTC 6101)

6301. Introduction to Biotechnology (3). Prerequisites: CHEM 3311, 3312, 3313. Scientific basis of biotechnology techniques. Applications of biotechnology and ethical and social impact. (GBTC 6301)



7000. Research in Biotechnology (V1-9). Full-time laboratory research under the direct supervision of a TTU or TTUHSC graduate faculty member. For thesis-option students. (GBTC 7000)

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