Comparative Literature (CLT)


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4300. Individual Studies in Comparative Literature (3). Independent study in comparative literature under the guidance of a faculty member. May be repeated for credit with the consent of instructor.

4305. Contemporary Theories of Cultural Meaning (3). Introduction to the most important contemporary theories on the nature and origin of meaning in culture.

4317. Readings in Comparative Literature and Culture (3). Readings from a particular period or study of a literary theme or genre. May be repeated for credit with consent of instructor.



5301. Theories of Literature (3). Intensive exploration of selected theories or methodologies of literary study. May be repeated.

5310. Literature and Cultural Studies (3). Places a variety of national literatures in relation to other cultural institutions and structures. May be repeated for credit. Readings in English.

5314. Literature and Gender (3). Examines the representation of gender in various national literatures. May be repeated for credit.

5355. Studies in Comparative Literature (3). Practice of the study of comparative literature with emphasis on themes and motifs. (ENGL 5355)



7000. Research (V1-12).