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Higher Education (EDHE)

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4000 Level Courses

4001. Higher Education Practicum (V1-6). Supervised practice in the profession of student affairs with an emphasis on real-world settings in higher education. May be repeated for credit.

5000 Level Courses

5001. Seminar in Higher Education (V1-6). A special topics course designed to acquaint students with current research, theory, policies, and/or practices in higher education. May be repeated for credit.

5300. The History of Higher Education in the United States (3). An examination of the development of the American system of higher education, its origin, major characteristics, trends, and distinctive features.

5301. Critical Issues in Higher Education (3). A comprehensive evaluation of the current and future critical issues impacting American higher education.

5302. Comparative Higher Education (3). A comparative study of systems of higher education throughout the world and their counterparts in the United States.

5303. Access and Equity in American Higher Education (3). An examination of perspectives on equity and access, excellence, and efficiency concerns in higher education.

5305. Leadership in Higher Education (3). An examination of organization theory, models, and policies; governance and management processes; and leadership perspectives and theory. A review of research and new conceptual perspectives.

5313. The Comprehensive Community College (3). An introductory course to acquaint students with the purposes, programs, people, organization, control, and resources of these colleges.

5315. Community College Leadership (3). A study of different leadership styles, strategies, and theories applicable to the community college sector.

5321. The Administration of Higher Education (3). Examines administration of higher education at institution and unit level. Addresses organizational culture and behavior, as well as management and leadership studies.

5322. Institutional Planning in Higher Education (3). An examination of the current models and theories used to develop strategies for organizational planning, including an analysis of internal assumptions and the external environment.

5323. Funding Higher Education (3). The course focus is on the concepts and conditions that define higher education funding. Also covered are the impact and influence of process, policies, governance, and multiple internal and external constituencies on financial decisions.

5324. Higher Education and the Law (3). A study of constitutional, statutory, and case law concerning public and private college and university boards, administrators, faculty, and students.

5332. Student Services in Higher Education (3). Focuses on the theoretical bases of the profession, roles and models for practice and competencies, and techniques of student services.

5334. College Student Development (3). Provides an in-depth study of developmental theories that are unique to college-aged students. Implications for practice will also be included.

5335. The American College Student (3). Examines the changing demographics and characteristics of college students. Research on college students will be reviewed to determine the impact of college on students.

5341. Assessment of Student Outcomes in Higher Education (3). An examination of the philosophy and practice of assessment and evaluation in higher education.

5342. College Teaching (3). An exploration of the nature of college teaching and the teaching-learning process, including a review of major issues and problems.

5343. College and University Curriculum (3). Issues, problems, and basic considerations in curriculum development. The structure of knowledge. Developments and trends in liberal education, the disciplines, and professional education.

5393. Internship in Higher Education (3).

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6000 Level Courses

6000. Master’s Thesis (V1-6). Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Involves completing the master’s thesis in higher education under the supervision of a thesis advisor from the higher education program.

6310. Higher Education Research Seminar (3). A series of seminars dedicated to the development of student research proposals, Manuscripts, and grant applications. The seminars bridge the gap between theory and practice. May be repeated for credit.

6311. Higher Education Ph.D. Research Seminar (3). A seminar dedicated to the development of conceptual and theory-based research of Ph.D. students. May be repeated for credit.

6325. Policy Analysis and Issues in Higher Education (3). Examines the relationship between colleges and universities and policies developed by boards and governments. Explores prevalent issues facing higher education from a policy prospective.

6370. Capstone Seminar (3). Required culminating class for both Ph.D. and Ed.D. students. Students will prepare a draft of chapters one through three of their dissertations. At the end of the class, students will have a working draft of their dissertation proposal.Back to Top


7000 Level Course

7000. Research (V1-12). Back to Top


8000 Level Course

8000. Doctor's Dissertation (V1-12).Back to Top