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Forensic Sciences (FSCI)

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5000 Level Courses

5331. Advanced Topics in Forensic Science (3). Nature of the course depends on the students’ interests and needs for advanced study in forensic science..

5350. Crime Scene Investigation (3). Develop a background in issues relevant to forensic science and be exposed to the principles of forensic science by understanding the concepts of identifying, preserving, collecting, and examining the elements that make up the broad base of forensics as it relates to solving criminal- and terrorist-related activity. Discussion of professional and legal ethics will also be included.

5351. Serial Crime (3). Develop an understanding of the constructs of deviant behavior and how they relate to criminal activity and the impact that deviant behavior has on victims and society as a whole. Case studies and related research topics in these areas will be covered.

6000 Level Courses

6000. Master’s Thesis (V1-6).

6031. Internship in Forensic Science (V1-6). Supervised internship in an aspect of forensic science designed to provide the student with practical experience in the field.

6330. Master’s Report in Forensic Science (3). Supervised research project to provide the student an opportunity to develop specific experience in the field.

7000 Level Course

7000. Research (V1-12).