Health Organization Management (HOM)


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4371. Health Organization Management (3). Prerequisites: Junior/senior standing. Designed to provide an overview of the health care system and its managerial, social, behavioral, and economic aspects from an organizational viewpoint.

4378. Clinical Aspects of Health Organization Management (3). Prerequisites: 3.0 Texas Tech GPA; MGT or Honors College student. Managerial implications of the natural history of disease, epidemiology, and health policies and their relevance to modern health care organizations.

4379. Managed Care Aspects of Health Organization Management (3). Prerequisites: HOM 4378; 3.0 Texas Tech GPA; MGT or Honors College student. Fundamental issues surrounding today's managed care organizations and their impact on stakeholders.



5306. HOM I: Introduction to Healthcare Systems (3). Prerequisite: Admitted to HOM or consent of instructor. Provides an introductory-level overview of the United States healthcare system in terms of historical, current, political, organizational, human resources, financial, access-related, and quality dimensions.

5307. Managing Healthcare Organizations (3). Prerequisite: B or better in HOM 5306 or consent of instructor. Examines management of healthcare organizations, including issues pertaining to human resources, financing, organizational design, law, and the organization's role in a rapidly changing environment.

5308. Healthcare Operations Management and Quality (3). Prerequisites: B or better in HOM 5306 and 5307 or consent of instructor. A study and application of healthcare operations management and quality tools in emphasizing systems improvements through use of information technology and quantitative methods.

5309. HOM IV: Integrated Healthcare Operations (3). Prerequisites: B or better in HOM 5306, 5307, 5308 or consent of instructor. Synthesizes components of prior courses and presents new knowledge through critical thinking skills and case studies.

5382. Field Experience in HOM (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Exposes students to multiple levels of healthcare organizations while allowing them to develop skills in a defined project.