Human Resource Development (HRDV)


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2301. Introduction to Human Resource Development (3). Online course focusing on the foundations of human resource development, including the history of human resource development, recruitment, training and development, and compensation and benefits.

2303. Diversity and Cultural Competence in the Workplace (3). Students will analyze organizational, cultural, and global workplace issues related to diversity leadership and gain cultural competencies necessary to manage a 21st-century multicultural workforce.Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement (pending THECB approval) and fulfills multicultural requirement.



3301. Human Relations in Human Resource Development (3). Online course that explores topics related to working with people in the organization, including communication, issues of concept and self-reliance, small group dynamics, and attitudes in the workplace.

3303. Introduction to Research in Human Resource Development (3). Online course that explores the common data collection and analysis techniques utilized in the workplace. Includes sampling, survey design, measurement, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and the use of research findings to inform organizational decision-making and change.

3305. Staffing Strategies in Human Resource Development (3). Online course that focuses on the process of staffing organizations. Includes analysis of the external job market, talent acquisition, resume analysis, interviewing techniques, background and reference checks, the hiring process, and integration of new employees into the organization.

3307. Employment Law in Human Resource Development (3). Online course that explores contemporary issues in employment law and the major legal facts and concepts used in human resource development. Includes federal laws (OSHA, ADA, FMLA, etc.) that employers deal with regularly.

3308. Employee and Labor Relations (3). Online course focusing on the complexities of labor and employee relations. Topics include organizational culture, employment counseling issues, negotiation, dispute resolution, and employee motivation and retention.

3309. Role of Human Resource Development in Adult Learning (3). Online course that focuses on the relationship between human resource development and the adult learning process. Addresses adult learning models and preferences as they relate to human resource development context.

3310. Training and Development in Human Resource Development (3). Online course that addresses key training and development topics, including conducting training needs assessments, developing training to meet employee/employer needs, and adult learning theories and methods.

3311. Total Compensation and Benefits (3). Course topics include the strategic use of total compensation to attract and retain employees, salary and pay structures, variable pay, benefit plans, and compensation administration.

3313. Organizational Safety and Wellness (3). Prepares students to analyze concerns related to workplace safety and wellness, develop and evaluate workplace safety and wellness programs, and follow governmental safety regulations.

3315. Job Analysis and Design (3). Focuses on job analysis and design processes, legal aspects of job analysis/design, and the strategic use of job analysis/design to increase organizational success.



4000. Independent Study (V1-12). Designed to acquaint students with current research, theory, policies, perspectives, and/or practices in human resource development. May be repeated for credit.

4301. Principles of Leadership in the Workplace (3). Focuses on the essential theories, principles, processes, and techniques that can be utilized to lead people in an organization. Examines the linkages between leadership and performance and goal attainment.

4302. Global and Virtual Leadership in Human Resource Development (3). Provides an introduction to leadership in a global and virtual workplace. Topics include strategies for global/virtual talent acquisition and development, leadership issues, and management strategies. F.

4303. Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Organizations (3). Provides an introduction to and overview of leadership, management, and organizational behavior in the unique sector of health care. Integrates theory with practice through readings, lectures, written assignments, and presentations from different organizational perspectives. S.

4304. Advanced Concepts in Human Resource Development (3). Provides an overview of advanced human resource topics, including managing human capital, strategic management, global leadership, the alignment of human resources and strategic goals, ethics in human resources, teamwork in the workplace, and conflict management. SS.

4305. Internship in Human Resource Development (3). Prerequisite: HRDV 2301 or consent of instructor. Supervised internship in a professional setting relating to human resource development. Students will apply their knowledge and skills to the workplace. May be repeated for credit. May be substituted for 3-6 hours in an area of concentration.

4306. Strategic Leadership in Human Resource Development (3). Prerequisite: HRDV 4301 or consent of instructor. Advanced course in human resources development. Students will produce an in-depth independent project demonstrating their knowledge of human resource development and their ability to apply learned strategies and skills in a real-world setting.