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Human Sciences (HUSC)

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1000 Level Course

1100. Introduction to Human Sciences (1). Overview of the College of Human Sciences and instruction on how to study within the college can help prepare a student for academic and personal success. Topics include personal and family relationships, personal finance, nutrition, academic advising, etc. Required first semester.

2000 Level Course

2000. Special Studies (VI-6). A course for lower-level human sciences majors for individual study or special problems.

3000 Level Courses

3214. Human Sciences Seminar (2). Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing. Offers students the opportunity to develop job search strategies, interviewing skills, resume writing, and professional and personal growth after graduation. Offers opportunities to meet and interview with potential employers for entry-level positions.

3221. Introduction to the Nursing Profession (2). An introduction to the health care delivery system and the nursing profession.

3325. Comprehensive Wellness for Adolescents (3). Focuses on physiological and psychosocial development during adolescence through a comprehensive wellness perspective. Students examine existing theories and explore practical ways to integrate wellness concepts into promoting healthy behaviors characterized by self-leadership and self-care.

3350. Special Topics in Human Sciences (3). Topics will rotate to meet needs of undergraduate students majoring in an interdisciplinary human sciences program. May be repeated for credit.

4000 Level Course

4308. Developing and Evaluating Youth Programs (3). Prerequisite: HDFS 3316 or equivalent. Expand knowledge and skills in developing and evaluating educational/enrichment experiences for youth audiences in extracurricular learning environments. Includes practical applications and a service-learning component.

4341. Leadership Skills for Human Sciences Professionals (3). Prerequisite: Senior standing or consent of instructor. Principles, theories, and development of competencies essential to the exercise of effective leadership in the human sciences professions.

5000 Level Courses

5311. Problems in Human Sciences (3). May be repeated for credit.

5345. History and Philosophy of Extension Education (3). Historical and philosophical foundations of Extension education with emphasis given to origins and development of family and consumer sciences programs. Online delivery.

6000 Level Course

6000. Master’s Thesis (V1-12).Back to Top