Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)


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1100. RaiderReady: Freshman Seminar (1). Introduces students to philosophy, history, and applications of higher education and critical thinking.

1101. TTAP Academic Skills (1). Introduces Tech Transfer Acceleration Program (TTAP) students to the philosophy of higher education, as well as theoretical and practical approaches to academic, social and personal success in higher education.

1102. AVID for College Success (1). Introduces AVID program students to the philosophy and structure of AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) post-secondary strategies for academic, social, and personal success in higher education.

1200. Life Skills for Student Athletes (2). Prerequisite or corequisite: IS 1100. Designed to assist first-year student athletes with a variety of life-skill components, including personal, athletic, academic, and career development.

1300. Foundations of Leadership (3). Study of leadership and the application of leadership theories, concepts, models, and skills. Students will develop their own leadership potential through the completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration, and leadership skill applications through course activities.



2301. Introduction to Public Health (3). Provides broad overview of public health. Covers basic definition, analytical methods, biomedical basis, social and behavioral factors, and environmental and management issues.

2310. Foundations of Academic Advising (3). Introduces foundational concepts in academic advising that are essential to student success and retention in higher education. Students explore advisor responsibilities, training, and delivery systems. Online.



3100. RaiderReady: Transfer Seminar (1). Explores the complex challenges of academic life beyond community college. Focuses on skills, techniques, institutional support essential to academic success, and major and career selection.

3110. Seminar in Health Careers (1). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Health professionals present weekly seminars related to preparation, training, and activities associated with various health professions.

3300. Advanced Leadership Development and Practicum (3). Develops leadership skills in campus or community organizations. Students will engage in service designed to develop personal effectiveness as a leader. Students will study and apply skills of interpersonal communication; decision making; and critical problem solving, mentoring and conflict resolution.

3310. Human Relations Skills in Academic Advising (3). Course emphasizes student, faculty, and administration interpersonal communication through various tools, skills, and resources. Topics include personal, behavioral, and ethical considerations in academic advising. Online.



4100. Strengths-Based Senior Seminar (1). Designed for college seniors to help ease their transition from college to the workplace, including understanding job market trends and developing skills in job interviewing, budgeting, and negotiation.

4320. Internship in Academic Advising (3). Prerequisite: IS 2310 or instructor consent. Supervised practicum experience in an approved centralized advising office or professional workplace setting. Online.

4330. Student Diversity in Academic Advising (3). Prerequisite: IS 2310. Explores potential cultural, ethnic, racial, and language issues and barriers associated with academic advising. Students will apply advising scenarios that promote diversity. Online.

4340. Special Populations in Academic Advising (3). Focuses on recent trends, theories, and contemporary issues related to academic advising for special populations. Identification of on-campus resources and action plans are discussed. Online.



5000. Graduate Directed Studies (V1-12). Prerequisite: Consent of coordinator. Advanced studies in developing cultural understanding. Projects to be assessed by faculty committee.

5001. Graduate Studies Abroad (V1-12). Prerequisite: Consent of Office of International Affairs. Advanced individual studies in interdisciplinary, international, and /or multicultural experiences.

5031. Internship in Interdisciplinary Studies (V1-6). Supervised internship experience in an aspect of interdisciplinary studies designed to provide students with practical experience in their specified field.

5301. The Nature of Science for Teachers (3). Interdisciplinary course for teachers providing an overview of science and scientific inquiry. Special emphasis on research methods.

5330. Master's Report in Interdisciplinary Studies (3). Supervised research project to provide students an opportunity to develop specific experience in the field.

5332. Advanced Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies (3). Nature of the course depends on the students' interests and needs for advanced study in their specific field in interdisciplinary studies.



6000. Master's Thesis (V1-6).



7000. Research (V1-12).