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Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences (ISQS)

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5000 Graduate Level6000 Graduate Level7000 Research Level

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2000 Level Courses

2340. [BCIS 1305, 1405] Introduction to Information Systems in Business (3). Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C in any college-level math course and a minimum cumulative 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. Survey of computer principles, procedures, hardware systems. Back to Top


3000 Level Courses

3344. Introduction to Production and Operations Management (3). Prerequisites: ISQS 2340; MATH 2300 or 2345; minimum cumulative 2.75 Texas Tech GPA. An overview of the production and operations function in organizations with examples of the application of computer and quantitative skills to management problems. Both design and operating problems are discussed. Fulfills core Technology and Applied Science requirement.

3345. Object Oriented Systems (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 3346 A basic course in the design and creation of object-oriented programs, currently in Java.

3346. Internet Programming (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 2340. Internet programming using PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby, and/or any other advanced web application techniques of interest to the industry.

3348. Data Base Management Systems (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 2340. Basic concepts of data base management systems; recent developments in the area of data base systems. Students develop a prototype data base application of their own.

3349. Introduction to Data Communication Systems (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 2340. Hands-on course introducing students to computer-to-computer communications technologies and the Linux operating systems.

3351. Telecommunications Security Using Linux (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 3349. An advanced hands-on course in securing computer networks. Fall only.

3358. Business Intelligence (3). Prerequisites: C or better in ISQS 3346 and 3348. Introductory course to a broad range of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help make business decisions.

3360. Telecommunications Securities Theory (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 3349. A lecture/discussion course analyzing the basics of telecommunications theory. Best if taken concurrently with ISQS 3351. Fall only.Back to Top


4000 Level Courses

4345. Android Development (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 3345. Focuses on the development of mobile Android applications.

4348. Systems Analysis (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 3348. Methods for analyzing information needs and specifying application system requirements, the development life cycle and the life cycle phases leading to the determination of system requirements.

4349. Information Systems Design (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 4348. Introduces the skills needed to develop a physical design and implement an operational system from the logical design of systems analysis.

4350. Information Systems Project Management (3). Corequisite: ISQS 4348. Methods for management of software development projects; procurement and financial control; career and professional considerations. (Writing Intensive)

4361. Web Application Design (3). Prerequisites: ISQS 3345 and 3348. The design and creation of web applications using a multi-tier internet technology such as Jakarta Struts and MySQL.

4375. Business Analysis (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ISQS 4348 and 4350. Develops business analysts who facilitate communication between business areas, subject matter experts, project management, technical deployment teams, and customers to enable successful projects.

4381. Individual Problems in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. For students with high academic achievement who are interested in enhancing their degree programs by pursuing individual research or study under the guidance of an ISQS faculty member.

4382. Internship in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences (3). Prerequisite: Approval prior to employment. Permits students to apply the concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom. Up to 3 hours of internships can be applied toward a degree program. Must be taken pass/fail.

4383. Special Topics in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences (3). Prerequisite: Minimum cumulative 2.5 Texas Tech GPA. Examines specialized problems relating to information systems and quantitative sciences. May be repeated once for credit as topic varies.

4385. Strategic IT and Telecommunications Management (3). Prerequisite: Final semester or ISQS advisor approval. The design, management, and maintenance of information systems to provide strategic organizational advantage.Back to Top


5000 Level Courses

5330. Decision Theory and Business Analytics (3). Provides an overview of business analytics and examines normative and behavioral theories that drive managerial decision-making.

5331. Information Technology for Managers (2). Information Technology and Operations Management (3). Covers current topics in information technology and operations management and examines how to utilize them to gain competitive advantage.

5338. Information Technology for E-Business (3). E-commerce technology and business environment. E-commerce planning and implementation, Internet technologies, Multimedia on the Web. Web-based databases. Designing and building e-commerce site.

5341. Business Problem Solving (3). Prerequisite: Admission to M.S. in Management Information Systems program or consent of instructor. Problem solving and decision making for business analysis, reengineering, and competitive advantage. Topics include ERP systems and system security risk assessment. May be repeated for credit with instructor consent.

5343. Operations Management and Management Science (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 5345. Fundamentals of the operations management function from a management perspective with an emphasis on the creation of value through the integrated production and distribution of goods and services.

5345. Statistical Concepts for Business and Management (3). Statistical applications using the personal computer, with emphasis on proper presentation and interpretation of statistics in managerial settings. Topics include descriptive statistics, graphical methods, estimation, testing, regression, forecasting, and quality control.

5347. Advanced Statistical Methods (3). Discrete and continuous probability distributions, maximum likelihood, Bayesian methods, simulation, statistical methods for learning, prediction, and decision making. Uses calculus.

5348. Applied Distribution-Free Statistics in Business (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 5345 or consent of instructor. Distribution-free statistical techniques of inference from non-normal populations and tests of nonparametric hypotheses applied to business problems.

5349. Regression Analysis (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 5347. Foundations and major topics of regression analysis, model formulation, and methods to deal with standard and nonstandard regression applications in business.

5359. Individual Study in ISQS (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Directed individual study of advanced ISQS topics varying with the need of the particular student. Can be repeated for credit if subject matter is different.

5382. Internship in Information Systems and Quantitative Science (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Permits students to enhance their knowledge within their field of specialization through application of concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom.Back to Top


6000 Level Courses

6337. Business Programming Languages (3). Concepts of data structures and file processing as they relate to information systems. Emphasis on structured and object-oriented program design using Java.

6338. Database Concepts (3). Model organizational data and business rules; logical and physical designs of relational databases, data warehousing, data mining, and data administration.

6339. Data Management and Business Intelligence (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 6338. Covers skills, methodologies, and knowledge for data management with BI techniques such as dimensional data modeling, data warehousing, and OLAP.

6340. Decision Support Systems (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 6338. Theories of decision making, DSS software and design, artificial intelligence in DSS, executive information systems, and institutionalization and behavioral factors.

6341. Data Communications and Network Management (3). Concepts and terminology of data communications, network design, client-server architecture, distributed information systems with focus on communications architecture, and management.

6347. Data and Text Mining for Business Intelligence (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 5345 or consent of instructor. Examples and methods of data and text mining to produce enterprise intelligence. Use of data and text mining software.

6348. Applied Multivariate Analysis (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 5347 or consent of instructor. Multivariate methods for business research, including classification, visualization, testing, clustering, and latent structure.

6349. Advanced Business Forecasting (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 5347 or consent of instructor. Forecasting methods for business and econometrics. Smoothing; autocorrelations; spectra autoregressive, MA, and ARMA models; Box-Jenkins and REGARMA models.Back to Top


7000 Level Courses

7338. Systems Analysis and Design (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 6338. Discusses various analysis and design methods and applies them to several case problems. Topics include requirement specification, design, and implementation architectures.

7339. Business Analytics (3). Prerequisite: ISQS 6339 and 6347. Covers advanced data mining and data analysis topics, including data preparation, predictive models, and predictive modeling with segmentation, etc.

7341. Seminar in MIS Research and Methods (3). Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor. Seminar covering current MIS research methods and issues.

7342. Advanced Topics in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences (3). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Topics include issues in MIS, statistics, and operations management. May be repeated for credit..

7346. Seminar in Cognitive and Behavioral MIS Research (3). Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor. Seminar covering cognitive and behavioral MIS research.

7347. Seminar in Managerial and Organizational MIS Research (3). Prerequisite: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor. Seminar covering managerial and organizational MIS research. May be repeated for credit.Back to Top