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Italian (ITAL)

1000 Freshman Level2000 Sophomore  Level 3000 Junior Level4000 Senior Level

 5000 Graduate Level7000 Research Level

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1000 Level Courses

1301. [ITAL 1411, 1511] A Beginning Course in Italian I (3).

1302. [ITAL 1412, 1512] A Beginning Course in Italian II (3). Prerequisite: ITAL 1301.

2000 Level Courses

2301. [ITAL 2311] A Second Course in Italian I (3). Prerequisite: ITAL 1302. Reading, cultural background, conversation, and composition.

2302. [ITAL 2312] A Second Course in Italian II (3). Prerequisite: ITAL 2301. Reading, cultural background, conversation, and composition.

2315. Italian Filmmakers (3). An analysis of the development and main themes of major Italian film-makers such as Fellini, Antonioni, Wertmuller, Avati, and Moretti. Taught in English. Fulfills core Creative Arts requirement.

3000 Level Courses

3303. Italian Conversation (3). Prerequisite: ITAL 2302. Through discussions on contemporary Italian culture, students will improve their fluency in Italian.

3390. Italian Cinema (3). Covers the development of Italian cinema from the 1940s to the present. Taught in English.

4000 Level Courses

4300. Individual Problems in Italian (3). Contents will vary to meet the needs of students. May be repeated for credit up to 9 hours with consent of instructor. Independent work under guidance of a staff member.

4301. Topics in Italian Literature (3). Prerequisite: ITAL 2302 or consent of instructor. A study of selected classical masterpieces or contemporary Italian literary works. May be repeated once when content is different. Taught in Italian.

4303. Advanced Italian Conversation (3). Prerequisite: ITAL 3303. The continuation of Italian 3303. Students will be exposed to conversations with native Italian speakers and Italian media such as Italian news broadcasts, magazines and documentaries.

5000 Level Course

5301. Topics in Italian Literature (3). Study of selected Italian literary works. Class taught partially in Italian with Italian readings. May be repeated twice if content is different.

7000 Level Course

7000. Research (V1-12).Back to Top