Mechanical Engineering Technology (MTEC)


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3312. Analysis of Vapor and Gas Cycles (3). Prerequisite: GTEC 2351. Evaluation of power and refrigeration cycles.

3341. Materials Technology (3). Prerequisites: CHEM 1305 or 1307. Must earn a C or better. Introduction to the fundamental nature of the structure and properties of engineering materials, their mechanical properties, and behavior based upon their composition.

3342. Process Automation (3). Prerequisites: CONE 2330 and junior standing. Selected topics in automated manufacturing systems including: numerical controlled machinery, programmed controllers, robotics, inspection, and material handling devices. F.



4170. Capstone Design Course I (1). Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of the instructor. The design and analysis of mechanical engineering projects. Topics included will be the design process, design for manufacturability, concept evaluation, codes and standards, reliability, tolerances, quality, scheduling, and working in teams. Projects will be chosen and worked upon in preparation for MTEC 4270. F. (Writing Intensive)

4270. Capstone Design Course II (2). Prerequisite: MTEC 4170. A continuation of MTEC 4170 with emphasis on the application of the material previously learned to complete respective design projects. Projects will vary from semester to semester. S.

4311. Air Conditioning System Design I (3). Prerequisite: GTEC 2351. The design and arrangement of air conditioning systems. Calculation of heating and cooling loads, piping design, and duct design. Psychrometric system analysis. (Writing Intensive)

4321. Mechanical Technology Laboratory (3). Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of the instructor. Senior projects laboratory. Testing and analysis of components of heat power, refrigeration, and mechanical systems. S. (Writing Intensive)

4332. Specialized Topics in Mechanical Technology (3). Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of instructor. In-depth study of specialized topics of particular interest to the mechanical technologist. May be repeated for credit.

4351. Mechanisms of Machinery (3). Prerequisites: MATH 1451 and GTEC 2311. Kinematic analysis and synthesis of cams, gears, and linkages. Applications to machine elements and assemblies. F.

4352. Dynamics of Machinery (3). Prerequisite: MTEC 4351. Study of dynamic forces generated in machinery. Balancing of rotating machines. Analysis of gyroscopes and vibration of mechanical systems. S.

4353. Mechanical Design (3). Prerequisites: GTEC 3311, MTEC 3341. Analysis of stresses and deformations in machine elements. Analysis of strength of machine elements including theories of failure. Design of mechanical elements such as shafts, screws, columns, springs, journal bearings, roller and ball bearings, spur gears, and flexible mechanical elements. F.