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Photography (PHOT)

2000 Sophomore  Level 3000 Junior Level4000 Senior Level

7000 Research Level

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2000 Level Course

2310. [COMM 1318] Principles of Photography (3). Covers the fundamentals of photography and photo appreciation. Students will a need a digital 35mm SLR camera with manual capabilities.

3000 Level Courses

3310. Photography I (3). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. This class will cover the use of a 35mm digital SLR camera with manual capabilities.

3330. Digital Photography I (3). Students will learn to use image editing software specially tailored to the needs of photographers. Digital workflow will be discussed. This is a software class.

3390. Internship in Photocommunications (3). Prerequisites: C or higher in PHOT 3310, 2.5 GPA, and recommendation of faculty member and internship coordinator. Professional work in mass media. Minimum of 160 hours of supervised employment in media or communications organization. Weekly reports, interviews, and term paper required. Must be taken pass-fail.

4000 Level Courses

4300. Special Problems in Photography (3). Prerequisite: C or higher in PHOT 3310r. This course is for individual or group study of areas of photography (i.e., documentary, advertising, history) or development of photography projects. May be repeated twice for credit when topics vary.

4312. Senior Portfolio (3). Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, C or higher in EMC 3335 or PHOT 3310. Students will create a professional portfolio and promotional materials. The business and legal aspects of photography will be discussed.

7000 Level Course

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