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3300. Applied Public Relations Theory and Concepts (3). Prerequisite: C or better in ADV 3310 or PR 3310. Examination of public relations and relevant persuasion, media, and communication theories; practical application of theory for understanding and solving public relations problems and developing strategy.

3310. Principles of Public Relations (3). A study of the policies and procedures of creating and maintaining goodwill among organizations' various publics. Examines the many aspects of public relations as a staff and management function.

3311. Public Relations Strategies (3). Prerequisite: C or better in PR 3310. Strategic management of public relations by analyzing the PR process as it relates to PR theory and practice.

3312. Public Relations Writing (3). Prerequisites: C or better in PR 3311 and either JOUR 2310 or MCOM 2320. An overview of audience analysis, media analysis, and the logic and language skills needed to construct persuasive messages used in the public relations profession. (Writing Intensive)

3315. Online and Digital Public Relations (3). Prerequisites: C or better in PR 3310 and 3311. Examination of online, mobile, and social media tools in public relations practice; consideration of issues related to monitoring, engagement, crisis and relationship management, and analytics.

3341. Public Relations Graphics and Production (3). Prerequisite: C or better in PR 3310 or 3311. Design, composition, layout, typography and production applied to public relations; use of computer as a layout and design tool for visual communications.

3345. Public Relations Content Development (3). Prerequisites: Sophomore standing, C or better in PR 3310 and 3311. Development, design, management, and implementation of multimedia public relations content for organizational media; organizational storytelling; content strategy and creation for mobile, social, and web distribution.

3351. Public Relations for Nonprofits (3). Examination of public relations strategies and techniques used to advance goals of nonprofit organizations. Covers generating coverage, finding and sustaining financial support, recruiting and retaining volunteers.

3352. Public Relations Event Management (3). Examination of public relations event management within various settings. Role of events in building organizational reputation. Strategy, planning, marketing, logistics, finance, risk assessment, and evaluation.

3353. Political Public Relations (3). Examination of public relations applications and functions in political settings, including political campaigns, issues management, political crises, citizen engagement, government relations, public affairs, public information.

3354. Sports Public Relations (3). Examination of the roles and responsibilities of public relations practitioners working in the sports industry at the professional and collegiate levels.

3380. Applied Public Relations Research (3). Prerequisites: Sophomore standing, C or better in MATH 2300 or 2345 and PR 3310. In-depth examination of the applied research function in public relations. Designing, implementing, analyzing, interpreting, and applying research to address real-world problems; evaluating program effectiveness.

3390. Internship in Public Relations (3). Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing; C or better in MCOM 2320 or JOUR 2310, and PR 3311 and 3312; 2.5 TTU GPA, and recommendation of faculty member and internship coordinator. Minimum of 160 hours supervised employment in media or communications organization. Weekly reports, interviews, and term paper required. Must be taken pass-fail.



4000. Special Public Relations Project in Integrated Communication (V1-3). Prerequisite: Instructor consent. A hands-on experience in developing and presenting a PR campaign for a business problem or opportunity. May be repeated once for credit.

4300. Individual Study in Public Relations (3). Prerequisite: C or better in 9 hours of public relations courses.

4301. Special Topics in Public Relations (3). Considers selected topics in public relations. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

4308. Public Relations Practice and Professionalism (3). Prerequisite: C or better in PR 3311. Investigation of the professional world of public relations practice as it relates to personnel, program, and career management. Consideration of legal, financial, and ethical issues.

4312. Public Relations Campaigns (3). Prerequisites: C or better in PR 3312, PR 4308, and either MCOM 3380 or PR 3380. Public relations campaign planning, preparation, and presentation in problem-solving mode. Setting objectives; executing research projects; evaluating creative media promotion; and preparing public relations plans, messages, budgets. (Writing Intensive)

4350. Crisis Communication (3). Role of public relations in the prevention, management, and response to crises. Analysis of corporate, nonprofit, and government sector crises from a public relations perspective.

4351. International and Multicultural Public Relations (3). Prerequisites: C or better in PR 3310 or ADV 3310. Investigation of the challenges and opportunities of practicing public relations in international, multicultural, and cross-cultural contexts. Examination of public relations function as practiced in other cultures.



5340. Foundations of Public Relations (3). Public relations history, principles, theory, writing, and critiques of cases and campaigns.

5343. Public Relations Problems and Cases (3). Use of contemporary public relations problems and cases to study planning, strategy, and tactics, including the organization, execution, and control of the PR function in organizations.



6315. Special Topics in Public Relations (3). A rotating topics course examining theory, research, and application related to planning, implementation and evaluation in public relations. May be repeated twice when topics vary.



7000. Research (V1-12).

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