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1320. Fashion and Modern Culture (3). Survey course analyzing the impact of modern culture on the fashion industry. F.

1340. Introduction to Retailing (3). Basic principles, concepts, and practices in the operation of retail organizations. F, S.

1380. Retail Management Analytics (3). Application of various analytical and mathematical techniques for retailing.



2340. Retail Consumer Behavior (3). Introductory survey of fundamental principles in consumer behavior that affect retailing. F, S.

2350. Retail Promotion (3). Comprehensive study of the principles and practices of merchandise communication through the interaction and coordination of sales promotion, personal selling, visual merchandising, advertising, special events, and public relations. F, S.



3340. International Retailing (3). Prerequisite: ECO 2305 or 2302. Corequisite: ENGL 2311. Cultural differences, world markets, and political constraints encountered in international retailing strategy. F . (Writing Intensive)

3345. Event Management in the Retailing Industry (3). Study of concepts and execution of event management in the retailing industry. SS.

3360. Applied Concepts in Teamwork (3). Basic issues and concepts in the team building process, emphasis on application of curriculum through academic service-learning team projects. F. (Service-Learning)

3375. Retail Buying (3). Prerequisites: C or better in RTL 2340, 6 hours of MATH 1000-4999 (concurrent enrollment allowed), and either RHIM 3321 or BA 3302. Designed to develop retail mathematical skills and apply those skills to the buying process.

3380. Retail Buying and Control (3). Prerequisites: TTU GPA 2.8, C or better in RTL 2340, RHIM 3321 or BA 3302, and 6 hours of MATH 1000-4999 (may be taken concurrently). The application of planning, purchasing, and controlling inventories. S.

3389. Professional Practices in Retailing (3). Prerequisites: C or better in RTL 3375 or 3380 (concurrent enrollment allowed) and RTL 2350; junior standing. Principles of professional practices focusing on legal, ethical, and human resource workplace issues and effective managerial strategies. Enrollment precedes RTL 3390. S.

3390. Internship in Retailing (3). Prerequisite: C or better in RTL 3389. Supervised applications of concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom; emphasis on student participation in the retailing industry. Minimum of 300-400 hours of supervised retail employment at a departmental approved site. May be repeated for credit. (Writing Intensive) F, S.



4000. Individual Study (V1-6). Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and RTL majors only. Individual study or research under the guidance of a retailing faculty member to enhance the degree program. May be repeated for up to 6 hours credit. F, S, SSI, SSII.

4300. Retailing Field Study Tour (3). Study of international/domestic retailers and manufactures. May be repeated once for credit. (Writing Intensive)

4320. Retail Category Management (3). Prerequisite: 2.8 TTU GPA; Junior or senior standing. The application of planning, purchasing, and controlling inventories with emphasis on product selection, shelf merchandising, promotion, and pricing. F.

4330. Retailing Research (3). Prerequisite: 2.8 TTU GPA; C or better in RTL 2340 and ENGL 2311 (concurrent enrollment allowed). Comprehensive overview of research in the retailing process; emphasis on application-oriented techniques and processes for implementation. Required discussion. F, S. (Writing Intensive) (Service-Learning)

4335. Practices in Web-based Retail Management (3). Practices in web-based retail management and development of web-based resources. (Writing Intensive)

4340. Entrepreneurship: Retail Business Planning (3). Basic principles, concepts, and practices in retail entrepreneurship. (Writing Intensive) F, S, SS.

4360. Retail Management (3). Prerequisites: C or better in RTL 3340; senior standing; C or better in BA 3301 or RHIM 4316 and BA 3305 or RHIM 3341 (concurrent enrollment allowed). Capstone course with emphasis on interrelated functions in retail management examined through case study and problem-based academic service-learning team projects. Required discussion. F. (Writing Intensive) (Service-Learning)

4392. Retail Externship (3). Prerequisites: RTL 3390, 4320, 4330, 4360 with a grade of C or higher; senior in final semester. F, S, SS.

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