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Social Work (SW)

1000 Freshman  Level2000 Sophomore  Level3000 Junior Level4000 Senior Level

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1000 Level Course

1300. The Why and How of Social Services (3). Interaction of conditions and ideas that contribute to design and delivery of social services and their impact on diverse populations. Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement.

2000 Level Course

2301. [SOCW 2361, 2362] Introduction to Social Work (3). Examination of society’s responses to human needs and social problems through voluntary and governmental social policies and services.

3000 Level Courses

3311. Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Systems (3). Examination of interaction between person and environment, emphasizing mezzo and macro level systems, including small groups, organizations, and communities. Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement.

3312. Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Lifespan (3). Examination of interaction between person and environment with emphasis on biological, social, emotional, and cultural systems across life-span.

3331. Social Work with Diverse Populations (3). Integrated approach to theory, values, and skills of working with culturally diverse populations. Emphasis – empowering vulnerable populations to fulfill their potential. Fulfills multicultural requirement.

3332. Social Work Practice: Interaction Skills (3). Prerequisite: Acceptance into Social Work Candidacy. Prerequisite or corequisite: SW 3331. Foundational theory, principles, and skills of building and maintaining professional relationships for generalist social workers. Social work majors only.

3333. Social Work Practice: Macro Systems (3). Prerequisite: SW 3332. Knowledge base and skills of generalist social work practice with organizations and communities. Social work majors only. 

3334. Social Work Practice: Micro Systems (3). Prerequisites: SW 3332 and 3333. Examination of the knowledge base and application of intervention skills for generalist social work practice with individuals, families, and small groups. Social work majors only.

3339. Social Work Research and Evaluation (3). Prerequisite: MATH 2300 or SOC 3391 or PSY 3400. Scientific approach to social work knowledge. Emphasis on evaluation of social welfare programs and social work practice. (Writing Intensive)

4000 Level Courses

4000. Independent Study in Social Work (V3-6). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Independent study in social work theory, prac-tice, policy, research, or policy evaluation. May be repeated for credit with instructor’s approval.

4311. Social Policy and Social Welfare Legislation (3). In-depth analysis of the social policy process. Emphasis on social welfare and social service delivery systems. (Writing Intensive)

4340. Social Work: Field Placement Integrative Seminar (3). Prerequisite: SW 3333; corequisite: SW 4611. Integration of social work knowledge, skills, and values used in the student’s individual practice of social work. Social work majors only.

4611. Social Work: Field Experience (6). Corequisite: SW 4340. Closely supervised 400-hour practicum using social work knowledge/skills/ethics in program-approved social agency. Social work majors only. Professional liability insurance required. Pass-fail. Back to Top