Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)


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2000. Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies in Visual and Performing Arts (V1-6). Study at the freshman or sophomore level in a special interdisciplinary topics area. Topics, enrollment, and credit hours subject to approval of the academic dean.

2301. Critical Issues in Arts and Culture (3). Analysis of music, visual arts, theatre and dance as fundamental to contemporary society and relationship of arts to broader social context. Fulfills multicultural and core Language, Philosophy, and Culture requirement.

2302. Yoga and the Creative Arts: Philosophy and Practice (3). Surveys Raja Yoga and considers how its ethics, philosophy, and physical and mental practice influence past, present, and future experiences and creations of works of art. Fulfills core Language, Philosophy, and Culture requirement (pending THECB approval).

2310. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Design/Arts and Technology (3). Required for the B.G.S. interdisciplinary design/arts and technology track. Introduces students to the diversity and applicability of interdisciplinary studies within design/art and technology.

4000 Level Courses

4110. Capstone Seminar: Interdisciplinary Design/Art and Technology (1). A capstone course in the interdisciplinary design/arts and technology track. Class meets weekly and students also meet individually with their project advisor/mentor. Includes traditional instruction and discussion exploring applicable aspects of the large-scale project.


5300. Topics in the Visual and Performing Arts (3). Focused study of topics relevant to the arts, including, but not limited to, history, theory, and current issues such as arts management, interdisciplinary investigation, or cultural/sociological constructs. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

5310. Arts Histories (3). Examines the changing nexus of disciplinarity across world-historical space and time through selected instances of visual art, music, and theatre.

5314. The Arts in a Contemporary Context (3). Investigates contemporary practices, trends, problems, and values across the arts by examining key figures whose work is crucial to understanding ways in which interdisciplinarity informs contemporary arts.