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Astronomy (ASTR)

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1000 Level Courses

1100. Astronomy Laboratory Science (1). Corequisite: Enrollment in a lab section of the appropriate astronomy course. For transfer students only. Provides lab credit for a transferred lecture-only Life and Physical Sciences core course in astronomy.

1400. [PHYS 1304+1104, 1403; ASTR 1304+1104, 1404] Solar System Astronomy (4). Covers the sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, gravitation, and formation. Partially fulfills core Life and Physical Sciences requirement. (Honors section offered)

1401. [PHYS 1303+1103, 1403; ASTR 1303+1103, 1403] Stellar Astronomy (4). Covers stars, star formation, galaxies, and cosmology models. Partially fulfills core Life and Physical Sciences requirement. (Honors section offered.)

2000 Level Courses

2401. Observational Astronomy (4). Prerequisite: ASTR 1400 or 1401 or consent of instructor. Designed for anyone interested in learning the use of an optical telescope, both visually and for imaging.

4000 Level Courses

4301. Astrophysics I (3). Prerequisites: PHYS 2402. Introduction to the tools of astronomy, stellar properties, stellar structure, and stellar evolution.

4302. Astrophysics II (3). Prerequisite: ASTR 4301. Structure, formation and evolution of galaxies; cosmology.