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Construction Engineering Technology (CTEC)

1000 Freshman Level2000 Sophomore  Level 3000 Junior Level4000 Senior Level

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1000 Level Course

1312. Construction Methods (3). Introduction to the construction environment and construction methods, materials, processes, working drawings, and specifications. Field trips to local construction sites and laboratory construction projects are required. Fulfills core Technology and Applied Science requirement.Back to Top


2000 Level Courses

2301. [ENGR 1307] Surveying and Surveys (3). Prerequisite: MATH 1321. Care and use of modern surveying equipment; differential leveling, area calculations; horizontal and vertical curves; effects of observation errors. Fulfills core Technology and Applied Science requirement.

2315. Construction Equipment (3). Prerequisites: CTEC 1312, 2301. An introduction to construction equipment, including types of equipment, ownership and operational costs, estimating equipment costs, equipment scheduling and selection, and fleet management.Back to Top


3000 Level Courses

3302. Transportation Technology (3). Prerequisites: CTEC 2301 and GTEC 3412. Design of components of the transportation system needed for modern society with practical examples.

3311. Structural Analysis (3) Prerequisite: GTEC 3311. Analysis of determinate and indeterminate structural systems.

3313. Foundations and Earthwork (3). Prerequisite: GTEC 3311. Soil properties, elements of soil mechanics, and the design of foundations for structures.Back to Top


4000 Level Courses

4270. Capstone Design Course (2). Prerequisites: CTEC 4341, 4342, and 4343. Design and development of construction projects. Projects vary from semester to semester. However, the ASC-Region V Competition is one of the projects. Generally will include cost estimate, scheduling, safety, design, final report and presentation, and working in teams.

4311. Reinforced Concrete Structures (3). Prerequisite: CTEC 3311. Common practices of design and construction of reinforced concrete structures (ACI-318). Includes wood form work design.

4312. Steel Structures (3). Prerequisite: CTEC 3311. Common practices of design and construction of steel structures (AISC-LFRD).

4313. Masonry Structures (3). Prerequisite: GTEC 3311. A study of material properties and common practices of design and construction of masonry structures.

4321. Construction Contracts and Specifications (3). Prerequisite: Junior or senior CTEC standing. Principles and analysis of construction contracts and project specifications. Other aspects of construction management such as contract laws, negotiations, and professional ethics will be examined. (Writing Intensive)

4341. Construction Management (3). Prerequisite: Junior or senior CTEC standing or consent of the option coordinator. Modern methods for managing construction projects, including critical path scheduling, resource allocation, and funds flow. Practical applications are made through simulated projects.

4342. Cost Estimating (3). Prerequisite: Junior or senior CTEC standing or consent of the option coordinator. Analysis of construction working drawings and specifications to quantify material, labor, overhead, and equipment requirements relative to project bid preparation. Computer software programs are utilized to develop construction bids for simulated projects and case studies are used to develop both technical and professional ethics.

4343. Construction: Safety and Health (3). Prerequisite: Junior or Senior; CTEC standing or consent of instructor. Management of safety and health in the construction environment. Examines basic elements of a safety and health program for the construction general contractor, including OSHA regulatory requirements are examined. (Writing Intensive)Back to Top