General Engineering Technology (GTEC)


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1112. AC/DC Lab (1). Course to be taken concurrently with GTEC 1312 for MTEC students.

1211. Computer Programming (2). Theory and practice in logical solutions of numerical problems. Introduction to computer languages. Computer programming using an appropriate level language.

1312. Alternating and Direct Current Technology (3). Principles of electrical and magnetic circuits and their application in the operation of electrical power equipment. Fulfills Core Technology and Applied Science requirement.



2311. Applied Mechanics Statics (3). Prerequisites: PHYS 1403 and MATH 1451. Equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies. Analysis of trusses, frames, machines, and beams. Friction, centroids, and moments of inertia.

2351. Introduction to Thermodynamics (3). Prerequisites: PHYS 1403 and MATH 1451. A study of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and their application to analysis of gas, steam, and refrigeration cycles.



3112. Applied Mechanics III – Fluids Lab (1). Corequisite or prerequisite: GTEC 3312. For CTEC majors only. Study of fluid flow systems, pumps, and measurement. Provides a laboratory experience to complement the lecture course GTEC 3312.

3311. Applied Mechanics II – Strength of Material (3). Prerequisites: GTEC 2311 and MATH 1451. A study of the elastic and plastic behavior of materials and structural elements.

3312. Applied Mechanics III – Fluids (3). Prerequisite: GTEC 2311. Fluid statics and dynamics, flow of fluids in pipe and open channel.



4121. Technology Seminar (1). Prerequisite: Advanced standing. Review of engineering technology fundamentals. Final is a mini-fundamentals of engineering type examination.

4131. Special Topics in Technology (1). Prerequisite: Approval of chairperson. Individual studies in special areas of technology.

4231. Introduction to Project Management (2). Introduces MTEC majors in engineering technology to the basic principles of project management. Curriculum content includes student's use of project management scheduling software.

4300. Cooperative Education (3). Prerequisites: Junior standing and approval of department chairperson. Practice in industry and written reports. Maximum of six semester credit hours may be earned and applied to degree requirements.(Writing Intensive)

4322. Cost and Profit Analysis for Engineering Technologists (3). Prerequisite: Senior standing or approval of option coordinator. Application of engineering economics to engineering technology disciplines. Factors of time, cost, profit, and risk are evaluated and when applicable integrated into the decision process. Ethical issues are examined.

4331. Special Topics in Technology (3). Prerequisites: Advanced standing and approval of chairperson. Individual studies in special areas in technology. May be repeated for credit.