Teaching Faculty – E

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Eaton, Angela Marie, Assistant Professor of English, 2003.
B.A., Detroit, 1997; M.A., Rensselaer Polytechnic, 1999; Ph.D., 2003.

Echeverry, Alejandro, Research Assistant Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 2010.
B.S., LaSalle (Columbia), 2000; M.S., Texas Tech, 2004; Ph.D., 2007.

Edwards, Carole, Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2010.
B.A., U. de Caen (France), 1993; M.A., 1994; M.A., Texas Tech, 1997; Ph.D., Purdue, 2005.

Edwards, John E., Instructor in Hospitality and Retail Management, 2006.
B.S., New Mexico State, 1972; M.A., Florida Inst. of Tech., 1979.

Edwards, Mary Ann, Instructor in Journalism and Electronic Media, 2004.
B.A., Texas Tech, 1975.

Eissinger, James R., Adjunct Professor of Law, 1972.
B.A., Wartburg Coll., 1960; J.D., North Dakota, 1964.

Eko, Lyombe, Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media, 2015.
B.A., Sioux Falls, 1980; M.A. Wheaton Coll., 1992; Ph.D., Southern Illinois, 1997.

Ekwaro-Osire, Stephen, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, Edward E. Whitacre College of Engineering; Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1998.
Dipl.-Ing., FH Osnabrück (Germany), 1985; M.S.M.E., Texas Tech, 1989; Ph.D., 1993; Licensed Prof. Engr. (Texas).

Elam, Emmett W., Associate Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 1987.
B.B.A., Memphis, 1969; M.S., 1970; Ph.D., Illinois, 1978.

Elbert, Chanda D., Associate Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2002.
B.S., Southern U. Agriculture and Mechanical Coll., 1995; M.S., Nebraska, 1996; Ph.D., Penn State, 2000.

Elrod, Jarred, Assistant Professor in Art, 2015.
B.F.A., West Texas A&M, 2007; M.F.A., Tennessee, 2010.

Elbow, Gary Stewart, Professor of Honors and Geography, 1970.
B.S.,Oregon State, 1960; M.A., Oregon, 1964; Ph.D., Pittsburgh, 1972.

Elbow, Margaret, Associate Professor of Social Work, 1980.
B.A., Willamette, 1963; M.S.W., Pittsburgh, 1967; D.S.W., Columbia, 1993.

Elko, Stacy, Assistant Professor of Art, 2005.
B.F.A., Kent State, 1986; M.F.A., Indiana, 2005.

Elle, Ashley, Instructor in Plant and Soil Science, 2012.
B.S., Texas Tech, 2000; M.S., 2004; Ph.D., 2007.

Ellingson, Leif, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2011.
B.S., Maryland, 2007; M.S., Florida State, 2009; Ph.D., 2011.

Elliot, John F., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2009.
B.S., Washington State, 1975; M.A., 1978; Ph.D., Ohio State, 1988.

Elliott, Janis, Associate Professor of Art History, 2005.
B.A., Victoria (Canada), 1986; M.A., 1991; Ph.D., Warwick (United Kingdom), 2000.

Ellis, Clifton Coxe, Associate Dean of Academics, Associate Professor of Architecture, 2002.
B.A., Carson-Newman Coll., 1978; M.A., Tennessee, 1982; M.A., Virginia, 1995; Ph.D., 2000.

Elola, Idoia, Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2005.
B.A., Pais Vasco (Spain), 1990; M.A., Madrid (Spain), 1997; Ph.D., Iowa, 2005.

Emadibaladehi, Seyedhossein, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, 2014.
BSc., Petroleum U. of Tech., (Ahwaz, Iran), 2003; MSc., Petroleum U. of Tech., (Tehran, Iran), 2006; Ph.D. Texas Tech, 2014.

Epkins, Catherine C., Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences, 1994.
B.A., Indiana, 1983; M.S., Illinois State, 1987; Ph.D., Memphis, 1991.

Eriksen, Mike, Assistant Professor of Finance, 2013.
B.A., Gonzaga, 2003; M.A., Syracuse, 2006; Ph.D., 2008.

Ernst, David L.,Interim Chairperson and Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, 1984.
B.S.M.E., Cornell, 1973; M.E., 1974.

Ertas, Atila, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1985.
B.S., Merchant Marine Academy (Turkey), 1968; B.S.M.E., Istanbul State Academy of Engineering and Architecture (Turkey), 1970; M.S.M.E., Texas A&M, 1978; Ph.D., 1984; Licensed Prof. Engr. (Texas).

Erwin, Cheryl, Adjunct Professor of Law, 2010.
B.S., Houston, 1994; J.D., 1999; Ph.D., U. of Texas (Medical Branch), 2002.

Echeverry, Alejandro, Assistant Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 2014.
B.S., LaSalle (Colombia), 2000; M.S., Texas Tech, 2004; Ph.D., 2007.

Estreicher, Stefan K., Horn Professor, 1986.
M.S., Geneva (Switzerland), 1978; Ph.D., Zurich (Switzerland), 1982.

Ethridge, M. Dean, Research Professor of Plant and Soil Science, Adjunct Faculty in Agricultural and Applied Economics, 1993.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1967; M.S., California (Berkeley), 1968; Ph.D.,1971.

Ettehadtavakkol, Amin, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, 2013.
B.S., Sharif U. of Tech. (Iran), 2007; M.S., Texas, 2009; Ph.D., 2013.

Evensky, Harold, Professore of Practice in Personal Financial Planning, 2008.
B.C.E., Cornell, 1965; M.S., 1967.

Ewing, Bradley, Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Operations Management, 2004.
B.B.A., Kent State, 1987; M.A., 1991; Ph.D., Purdue, 1994.