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Lacerda, Carla M. R., Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering, 2013.
B.S., Federal U. of Viçosa (Brazil), 2002; Ph.D., Colorado State, 2008.
Ladeira, Antonio, Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2002. Licenciatura, U. Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), 1992; Ph.D., California (Santa Barbara), 1999.
Lakhani, Gopal D., Associate Professor of Computer Science, 1980.
B.Sc., Calcutta (India), 1964; M.S., Jiwaji (India), 1966; Ph.D., Indian Inst. of Tech. (India), 1972; M.S., Illinois, 1978.
Lamp, David, Associate Professor of Physics, 1988.
B.G.S., Missouri, 1979; Ph.D., 1984.
Lan, William Yun, Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 1990.
B.Ed., Shanghai Normal (China), 1982; M.A., Iowa, 1988; Ph.D., 1990.
Lang, Susan, Professor of English, 1999.
B.A., Ohio State, 1987; M.A., 1989; Ph.D., Emory, 1992.
Langford, Catherine L., Associate Professor of Communication Studies, 2004.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1997; M.A., 2000; Ph.D., Penn State, 2005.
Lanier, Mark, Adjunct Professor of Law, 2013.
B.A., Lipscomb Coll., 1981; J.D., Texas Tech, 1984.
Larke, Alvin Jr., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2002.
B.S., South Carolina State, 1968; M.Ed., South Carolina State, 1974; Ph.D., Missouri (Columbia), 1982.
Larmour, David H. J., Horn Professor, 1987.
B.A., Queen’s-Belfast (N. Ireland), 1982; M.A., Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1984; Ph.D., 1987.
Lascano, R. J., Adjunct Faculty in Plant and Soil Science, 1986.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1974; M.S., 1977; Ph.D., 1982.
Lastrapes, Jeffrey, Associate Professor of Music, 2008.
B.M., Curtis Institute, 1996; M.M., Julliard, 1998.
Lauderdale, Mitzi K., Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning, 2001.
B.S., Texas Tech, 2001; M.S., 2004; J.D., 2005.
Laverie, Debra, Area Coordinator and Professor of Marketing; Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Business; Minnie Piper Stevens Professor; Senior Associate Dean, Rawls College of Business, 1995.
B.A., St. Mary’s Coll., M.B.A., Notre Dame, 1987; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1995.
Lavigne, Donald, Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2005. B.A., Catholic U. of America, 1996; M.A., Texas Tech, 1998; Ph.D., Stanford, 2005.
Lawson, William D., Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2006.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1982; M.S., 1984; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 2004; Licensed. Prof. Engr. (Texas).
Lawver, David E., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 1989.
B.S., Missouri (Columbia), 1977; M.Ed., 1983; Ed.D., Mississippi State, 1988.
Lay, Melanie, Instructor in Curriculum and Instruction, 2012.
B.S., Texas Tech, 2004; M.Ed., Wayland Baptist, 2010.
Lay, Lowell, Instructor in Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences, 2008.
B.B.A., Texas (Permian Basin), 1975; M.B.A., 1984.
Le, Khanh Cong, Adjunct Faculty in Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 1997.
B.A., Law School of Saigon U. (Vietnam), 1967; M.A., National Inst. of Administration (Vietnam), 1970.
Leaverton, Michael, Instructor in Construction Engineering, 2007.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1984; M.S., California (Berkeley), 1989; Licensed Prof. Engr. (California)
Lechtenberger, DeAnn, Research Associate and Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2003.
B.S., Texas, 1976; M.S., 1981; Ph.D., North Texas, 1996.
Ledet, Arne, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2002.
M.S., Copenhagen (Denmark), 1991; Ph.D, 1996.
Lee, Aie-Rie, Professor of Political Science, 1989.
B.A., Ewha Womans (Korea), 1978; M.A., 1982; Ph.D., Florida State, 1989.
Lee, Edward Jongyoon, Instructor in Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2012.
B.S. Virginia, 2005; Ph.D., 2011.
Lee, Hoon, Assistant Professor of Political Science, 2008.
B.A., Hongik U. (Korea), 1998; M.P.A., Kyung Hee U. (Korea), 2000; M.A., Iowa, 2004; Ph.D., 2008.
Lee, Jeffrey A., Interim Chairperson and Professor of Geosciences, 1988.
B.A., California (Los Angeles), 1979; M.A., 1984; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1990.
Lee, Jeffrey M., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1990.
B.S., Brigham Young, 1982; M.A., California (Los Angeles), 1984; Ph.D., 1987.
Lee, Sangwook, Assistant Professor of Construction Engineering, 2008.
B.S., Chung-Ang, 1999; M.S., Purdue, 2000; Ph.D., 2005.
Lee, Sung Won, Associate Professor of Physics, 2006.
B.S., Daegu (Korea), 1993; M.S., Kyungpook National (Korea), 1995; Ph.D., Glasgow (United Kingdom), 2000.
Lee, Sun Young, Assistant Professor of Public Relations, 2012,
B.A., Ewha Women’s U. (Korea), 2005; M.A., Georgia, 2007; Ph.D., North Carolina, 2012.
Legacey, Erin-Marie, Assistant Professor of History, 2012.
B.A., Guleph (Canada), 2002; M.A., Queen’s U. (Canada), 2004; Ph.D., Northwestern, 2011.
Lehman, Thomas M., Professor of Geosciences, 1985.
B.S., New Mexico, 1978; M.A., Texas, 1982; Ph.D., 1985.
Lektzian, David. Associate Professor of Political Science, 2007.
B.A., Central Michigan, 1992; M.A., Michigan State, 1998; Ph.D., 2003.
Lesley, Mellinee, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, 2002.
B.A., Iowa, 1988; M.A., New Mexico State, 1990; Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1998.
Levario, Miguel A., Associate Professor of History, 2007.
B.A., Notre Dame, 1999; M.A., Stanford, 2001; Ph.D., Texas, 2007.
LeVering, Kate, Adjunct Faculty in Natural Resources Management, 2003.
B.S., Occidental Coll., 1994; Ph.D., Texas, 2000.
Leverington, David M., Associate Professor of Geosciences, 2005.
B.A., Ottawa (Canada), 1992; M.S., 1995; Ph.D., Manitoba (Canada), 2001.
Lewis, David J., Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, 2006.
B.S., Southern California, 1980; M.B.A., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, 1995; M.A., Naval War Coll., 2003.
Lewis, Ira Wayne, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1977.
B.S., Houston, 1972; M.S., Texas A&M, 1974; Ph.D., Texas, 1977.
Li, Changzhi, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2009.
B.S., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, (China), 2004; M.S. University of Florida, 2007; Ph.D., 2009.
Li, Guigen, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1997.
B.S., People’s Republic of China, 1984; M.S., 1987; Ph.D., Arizona, 1995.
Li, Xu, Assistant Professor of Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management, 2013.
B.A., Xi’an International Studies U. (China), 1998; M.S., Shaanxi Normal U. (China), 2001; Ph.D., Central Florida, 2013.
Liang, Daan, Associate Professor of Construction Engineering and Interim Director, National Wind Institute, 2004.
B.Eng., Tianjin (China), 1997; M.S., Buffalo (New York), 1999; Ph.D., 2001; Licensed Prof. Engr. (Texas).
Lichti, Roger L., Chairperson and Professor of Physics, 1979.
B.S., Ottawa (Kansas), 1967; M.S., Illinois, 1969; Ph.D., 1972.
Lie, Donald Y.C., Keh-Shew Lu Regents Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Adjunct Associate Professor, Dept. of Surgery, Texas Tech HSC, 2007.
B.S.E.E. National Taiwan U., 1987; M.S.E.E., Cal. Inst. of Tech., 1990; Ph.D., 1995.
Lillian, Todd D., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 20l0.
B.S., Brigham Young, 2004; M.S., 2007; Ph.D., Michigan, 2010.
Lim, Sunho, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, 2009.
B.S., Hankuk Aviation U. (Korea), 1996; M.S., 1998; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State, 2005.
Lin, Jingyu, Horn Professor and Linda F. Whitacre Endowed Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2008.
B.S., SUNY (Oneonta), 1983; M.S. Syracuse, 1985; Ph.D., 1989.
Lin, Mei–Fang, Assistant Professor of Music, 2008.
B.M., National Taiwan Normal U., 1996; M.M., Illinois (Urbana-Champagne), 2000; Composition Diploma, Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse, Blanc-mesnil, France, 2005; Ph.D., California, (Berkley), 2007.
Lin, Zhangxi, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, 1999.
M. Eng., Tsinghua (China), 1982; M.S. Texas, 1996; Ph.D., 1999.
Lindner, James R., Professor of Agricultural Education and Communications, 2002.
B.S., Auburn, 1989; M.B.A., Auburn, 1992; Ph.D., Ohio State, 2000.
Lindquist, W. Brent, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Mathematics, 2014.
B. Sc., Manitoba (Canada), 1975; Ph.D., Cornell, 1981.
Lindsay, David, Associate Professor of Art, 2005.
B.F.A., Utah State, 2000; M.F.A., Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, 2004.
Lindsey, Mary Ann, Instructor in Curriculum and Instruction, 2012.
B.S., Baylor Coll. of Dentistry, 1978; M.Ed., Texas Tech, 1990; M.Ed., Lubbock Christian, 2007.
Lischka, Hans Research Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2011.
Ph.D., U. of Vienna (Austria), 1969.
Littlefield, Andrew K., Assistant Professor of Psychology, 2013.  
B.A., Missouri (Columbia), 2005; B.S., 2005; M.A., 2008; Ph.D., 2013.
Liu, Hongchao, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2004.
B.S.C.E., Hebei U. of Tech. (China), 1990; M.S.C.E., Tsinghua (China), 1996; Ph.D., Tokyo (Japan), 2000.
Liu, Shaorong, Adjunct Faculty in Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2002.
B.Sc., Huazhong Normal (China), 1982; M.Engineering, Peking (China), 1985; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 1995.
Lochbaum, Marc R., Professor of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences, 2000.
B.S., Illinois, 1991; M.S., North Carolina (Greensboro), 1993; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1998.
Lock, Robin H., Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research, College of Education; Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 1996.
B.S., Texas, 1976; M.Ed., 1981; Ph.D., 1985.
Lockwood, Stephanie, Instructor in Biological Sciences, 2012.
B.S., Eastern New Mexico, 2003; M.S., 2006; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 2011.
Lodhi, Mohammad Arfin Khan, Research Professor of Physics, 1963.
B.S., Hons. Karachi (Pakistan), 1952; M.S., D.I.C., Imperial Coll. (United Kingdom), 1960; Ph.D., London (United Kingdom), 1963.
Loewy, Arnold H., George R. Killam Jr. Chair of Criminal Law, 2006.
B.S., Boston, 1961; J.D., Boston, 1963; LL.M., Harvard, 1964. Admitted to practice in Connecticut.
Loneragan, Guy H., Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 2003.
B.V.Sc., Sydney (Australia), 1994; M.S., Colorado State, 1998; Ph.D., 2001.
Long, Kevin, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2007.
B.S., Maryland, 1986; Ph.D., Princeton, 1991.
Longing, Scott, Visiting Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Science, 2012.
B.S., Arkansas State, 1996; M.S., Arkansas, 2002; Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2006.
Lopez, Armando R., Assistant Professor of Economics, 2012.
B.A., Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico), 1998; M.A., California (Santa Barbara), 2002; Ph.D., 2009.
Lopez, Frank R., Associate Professor of Law, 2001.
B.B.A., Texas, 1984; J.D., California (Berkeley); 1990. Admitted to practice in Texas and California.
López-Benitez, Noé, Associate Professor of Computer Science, 1993.
B.S., Guadalajara (Mexico), 1976; M.S., Kentucky, 1980; Ph.D., Purdue, 1989.
Louden, Elizabeth I., Professor of Architecture, 1989.
B.Arch., Texas Tech, 1987; M.Arch., 1989; Ph.D., New York, 2007.
Lowe, Laura, Associate Professor of Social Work, 2004.
B.A., Texas Tech, 1999; M.S.W., Georgia, 1996; Ph.D., 2004.
Lowry, Kent, Instructor in Advertising, 2012.
B.A., Ohio State, 1984; M.A., Texas Tech, 2012.
Luo, Yunjuan, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media, 2011.
B.A., Hunan, 2000; M.A., Nanyang Technological, 2004; Ph.D., Indiana, 2011.
Lyford, Conrad, Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 2001.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1988; M.S., 1991; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1998.
Lynn, Quepha, Instructor in Accounting, 2002.
B.S., North Texas, 1988; M.S., 1988.
Lyte, Mark, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Joint Faculty in Microbiology and Immunology; Adjunct Faculty in Animal and Food Sciences; Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences, 2007.
B.S., Fairleigh Dickinson, 1976; M.S., Weizmann Inst. of Science (Israel), 1979; Ph.D., 1983.
Li, Wei, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, 2014.
B.S. Wuhan U. (China), 1999; M.S., Toronto (Canada), 2005; Ph.D., 2010.

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