Teaching Faculty – T

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Tacón, Anna M., Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Sport Management, 1999.
B.S., Florida State, 1988; M.S., Grand Canyon, 1991; Ph.D., Texas Tech, 1998.

Talkmitt, Susan, Instructor in Teacher Education, 1996.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1983; M.S., 1985.

Talley, Amelia E., Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences, 2013.
B.A., Texas A&M, 2001; M.A., Missouri (Columbia), 2004; Ph.D., 2009.

Tamayo-Hoeve, Rose, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2013.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1995; M.Ed., 2008.

Tang, Yi-Yuan, Presidential Endowed Chair in Neuroscience, and Professor of Psychological Sciences, 2011.
B.S., Jilin U., China, 1987; M.S. Dalian U. of Technology and Dalian Medical U., China, 1992; Ph.D., Inst. of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dalian U. of Technology, China, 2003.

Taraban, Roman M., Professor of Psychological Sciences, 1989.
B.A., Illinois, 1975; M.A., Chicago, 1981; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon, 1988.

Tate, Carolyn, Professor of Art History, 1993.
B.A., B.F.A., Texas, 1974; M.A., 1982; Ph.D., 1986.

Taylor, Christopher J., Associate Professor of Architecture, 2008.
B.S., Florida, 1987; M.Arch., Harvard, 1990.

Taylor, Colette, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2008.
B.S., Florida, 1992; M.Ed., 1994; Ed.D., 2003.

Tecedor, Marta, Assistant Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2013.
B.A., Complutense de Madrid (Spain), M.A., Iowa, 2007; Ph.D., 2013.

Tedeschi, Carla, Associate Professor of Art, 1999.
B.S., State U. Coll. (Buffalo), 1983; M.F.A., Rochester Inst. of Tech., 1992.

Templer, Otis Worth, Professor of Geosciences, 1968.
B.S., Texas A&M, 1954; J.D., Texas, 1959; M.A., Southern Methodist, 1964; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles), 1969.

Terrell, Gary R., Adjunct Professor of Law, 1996.
B.A., Angelo State, 1974; J.D., Texas Tech, 1977.

Thacker, Beth Ann, Associate Professor of Physics, 1999.
B.S., Davidson Coll., 1980; M.S., Cornell, 1986; Ph.D., 1990.

Thames, Frank C., Associate Professor of Political Science, 2002.
A.B., Coll. of William and Mary, 1991; M.A., Texas, 1994; Ph.D., 2001.

Thomas, Rodney, Associate Professor of Marketing, 2013.
B.S., Greensboro, 1993; M.E., Lynchburg, 1996; M.B.A., Tennessee, 2000; Ph.D., 2008.

Thomas, Stephanie, Assistant Professor of Practice in Marketing, 2013.
B.A., Tennessee, 1998; M.B.A., 2000; Ph.D., Georgia Southern, 2013.

Thompson, Brennan Joseph, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Sport Management, 2013.
B.S., Weber State, 2004; M.S., Utah State, 2008; Ph.D., Oklahoma State, 2013.

Thompson, Jonathan E., Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2008.
B.A., Troy State, 1997; M.S., Florida, 2000; Ph.D., 2001.

Thompson, Leslie D., Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 1986.
B.S., Florida, 1980; M.S., 1983; Ph.D., 1986.

Thompson, Lydia, Director, School of Art; Professor of Art, 2013.
B.F.A., Ohio State, 1983, M.F.A., New York State Coll. of Ceramics at Alfred U., 1986.

Thrasher, Kristi, Instructor in Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, 2003.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1992; M.S., 2004.

Toda, Magdalena, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2001.
B.S., Bucharest (Romania), 1989; M.S., 1991; Ph.D., Kansas, 2000.

Tomlinson, Susan L., Assistant Dean, Honors College; Associate Professor of Honors, 2001.
B.F.A., Texas Tech, 1980; M.S., 1993; Ph.D., 1997.

Torres, Ana Berta, Instructor in Teacher Education, 2007.
B.A., Texas Tech, 1994; M.Ed., 2000; Ph.D., 2006.

Torres, Arturo Lopez, Associate Dean for Law Library and Information Technolog and Professor of Law 2000.
B.A., Nevada (Las Vegas), 1971; M.Ed., 1973; J.D., Willamette, 1979; Ph.D., Arizona, 1980; M.L.S., Washington, 1984.

Torres, Carlos P., Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences, 2007.
B.S., U. of the Philippines, 1975 ; M.D., U. of the Philippines College of Medicine, 1979.

Torres-MacDonald, MaryAlice, Associate Professor of Architecture, 2002.
B.Arch., Texas, 1987; M.S., Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.,1992.

Trejos-Castillo, Elizabeth, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, 2006.
B.S., Iowa State, 1996; M.S., Auburn, 2003; Ph.D., 2006.

Trindade, Adao Alexandre, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 2007.
B.Sc., U. of Southampton (United Kingdom), 1988; M.A., Oklahoma, 1992, Ph.D., Colorado State, 2000.

Tripathy, Jatindra, Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences, 2008.
B.S., Utkal U. (India), 1984; M.S., 1986; Ph.D., 1991; M.B.A., Texas Tech, 2002; M.S., 2004.

Trlica, Kelly, Professor of Practice in Educational Psychology and Leadership, 2014.
B.A., Sam Houston State, 1976; M.Ed., 1979, Ed.D., Baylor, 1998.

Trojan, Sara, Assistant Professor of Animal and Food Sciences, 2011.
B.S., Oklahoma State, 2004; M.S., Kansas State, 2006; Ph.D., Oklahoma State, 2009.

Trolinder, Norma, Adjunct Faculty in Plant and Soil Science, 1987.
B.S., Texas Tech, 1976; M.S., 1978; Ph.D., 1985.

Trostle, Calvin, Adjunct Faculty in Plant and Soil Science, 2000.
B.S., Kansas State, 1984; M.S., Texas A&M, 1993; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1997.