Teaching Faculty – Y

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Yadav, Surya B., James and Elizabeth Sowell Professor of Telecom Technology, 1981.
B.Sc.E.E., Banaras (India), 1972; M.Tech., Indian Inst. of Tech. Kanpur (India), 1974; M.B.I.S., Georgia State, 1978; Ph.D., 1981.

Yan, Weile, Assistant Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering, 2011.
B. Engr., National U. of Singapore, 2002; M.S. Singapore – MIT Alliance, 2003; Ph.D., Lehigh, 2011.

Yandell, Donnell W., Instructor, Caprock Regional Public Defender Office/Clinic, School of Law Clinical Program, 2010.
B.S. Wayland Baptist, 1998. J.D. Texas Tech, 2001.

Yang, Jingzhou (James), Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 2008.
B.E., Jilin (China), 1989; M.E., 1992; Ph.D., Iowa, 2003.

Yeo, Chang-Dong, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 2009.
B.S., Yonsei (Korea), 1992; M.S., 1998; Ph.D., Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, 2008.

Yoo, Sang-Mi, Associate Professor of Art, 2004.
B.F.A., Seoul National (Korea), 1992; M.F.A., Ohio State, 2001.

Yoshinobu, Aaron, Professor of Geosciences, 1999.
B.S., San Diego State, 1992; M.S., 1994; Ph.D., Southern California, 1999.

Young, Alice McGaugh, Associate Vice President for Research, Professor of Pharmacology and Neuroscience and Psychological Sciences, 2004.
B.S., Tennessee, 1971; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1976.

Young, Joey, Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Science, 2013.
B.S, Mississippi State, 2006; M.S., 2009; Ph.D., Arkansas, 2013.

Yuan, Jingxue, Associate Professor of Hospitality and Retail Management, 2004.
B.S., Second Foreign Language Inst. (China), 1994; M.S., Texas Tech, 2000; Ph.D., Purdue, 2004.