Texas Tech University

2014-15 Faculty Handbook


professor studentThis handbook has been prepared by the Texas Tech University Office of the Provost as a convenient reference for present and prospective faculty members and teaching assistants. Although it contains a number of statements of policy and existing arrangements, it does not purport to cover all the available information. More precise and detailed information may be secured from appropriate personnel or from other publications, some of which are listed below. Should exact text be needed, consult the document cited at the end of the pertinent section.

Present and prospective faculty will also find several other university publications helpful in providing information not included herein. Each department office on campus should have the publications available for reference. Among the publications are the:

The Operating Policy and Procedure Manual provides additional information on a variety of topics and is available in departmental offices and online at www.depts.ttu.edu/opmanual. A number of items within the handbook are followed by a referenced link to the OP Manual, such as OP 32.29.

We recommend that faculty members verify all policies stated in the handbook with the latest updates to the OP Manual. Board of Regents policies are maintained in the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of the Texas Tech University System and are referenced in this handbook.

The information contained herein may be changed at any time by action of appropriate segments of the institution. Even though the material was submitted to numerous university officials for verification, errors may occur. We encourage submission of corrections or changes to the Office of the Provost. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the many persons who helped in compiling and reviewing this handbook.



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